Record Store Day 2014: Where can you get vinyl in Michiana?

Record Store Day is April 19. If you want to get your hands on exclusive records, there are three stores in Elkhart County and Mishawaka that have specials for the holiday.

Posted on April 12, 2014 at 12:15 a.m.

Every third Saturday in April, music enthusiasts and the hipster-elite line the aisles of independent record stores around the world looking for rare albums for their collections.

Fans will be celebrating Record Store Day on April 19, and Michiana is invited to participate at their local music stores.

Record Store Day

"I credit Record Store Day as one of the reasons why I opened the store," said Steven Martin, founder and owner of Ignition Music Garage in Goshen. He's been celebrating the occasion every year since his record store opened in February 2012.

Ignition Music Garage is one of several stores in and surrounding Elkhart County that will be selling records that are exclusive to Record Store Day. There are only limited copies of some of the albums, and some records will be sold weeks before other retailers gets their hands on them.

More importantly, it's an occasion when people can commemorate the unique culture of independent record stores that has influenced movies such as High Fidelity.

"It's about the experience of shopping in a record store, being able to hear music through a high quality stereo system or even our concert series. [It's] where people find their love of music and their hunger to discover new music," Martin said.

Orbit Music in Mishawaka will also be celebrating Record Store Day by having 20 to 30 percent discounts on all items except the records sold exclusively for the occasion. Owner Doug Zimmerman said it's their best day of the year.

"If any business could use a little bright spot, it's the music business." Zimmerman said.

He said some of the records are so rare that people would often sell them on eBay for a huge sum of money. There are so few copies of certain titles that some stores may not even get all of the records they ordered. There may be less than a thousand vinyls pressed for some albums, and the Record Store Day's official website said there's only around a thousand independent record stores around the United States.

However, Martin is confident that he will be getting most of the records he asked for.

"First year, I got 85 percent of what I ordered. Second year, I got more records and got 92 percent," Martin said. "They are looking for stores that are going to continue to support record labels or artists throughout the year. Not just getting the limited edition stuff."

Martin is going to lay out the vinyls and cassettes he's ordered out in his store for people to see (but not purchase) on April 18, a day before Record Store Day. He wants to give his customers a chance to devise a game plan for Saturday when people will be snatching up their favorite records quickly.

"I don’t stuff them in bins. I lay them out with placards with artists and titles and what’s special about it." Martin said.

For Martin, there's something different about having a physical copy of an album in your hands compared to downloading a digital one.

"The lie of digital is that it puts the musical universe at your fingertips, but it’s as narrow as commercial radio in terms of what people stream and sample and, increasingly, they are only buying singles as downloads." Martin said.

"We use the tagline that ‘Ignition Music is created for presenting music the way artists intended for it to be heard: on radio, through a physical medium of live.’"

You can check out the full list of records that will be distributed to record stores around the country and which stores are participating at the Record Store Day's official website.

What albums are you looking forward to purchasing on Record Store Day?


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