Bicycling your daily commute may not be as challenging as it seems

Ever thought about trading in your car for a bicycle on your daily commute to work? Here are some tips to make the transition easy.

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 1:28 p.m.

For many Elkhart County residents, warmer temperatures and sunshine means a return to a favorite outdoor activity: bicycling.

Bicycling has become so popular in Elkhart County that Goshen College started a new program that allowed visitors to tour the campus on a donated bike.

But while riding a bike for fun or exercise is pretty common, riding a bike on the commute to work isn't.

John D. Yoder, president of the Friends of the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail Inc., spent many years commuting between Goshen and Elkhart on his bicycle. In his latest Cycling Sense blog post at Goshen Commons, he offers a few tips on deciding to become a bike commuter.

"(F)requently making the decision to commute is a question of mind over matter: we can overcome obstacles to commuting (and there are several) if we really want to overcome those obstacles," Yoder writes.

Obstacles can come in all forms and their solutions sometimes take a bit of creativity.

If your office doesn't have a shower, using the bathroom sink and an on-the-go spray wash can be helpful, Yoder says.

Worried about your bike breaking down, causing you to be late to work? Yoder says that he always had arranged for a person to pick him up if necessary.

Read more about Yoder's answers to other obstacles in his latest post on Cycling Sense.

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