Local greenhouses gearing up for spring

There are green growing things in the county – you just have to know where to look.

Posted on March 8, 2014 at 10:33 a.m.

There is something green, warm and growing in Elkhart County, and it is not that forgotten, rotting sweet potato in your basement. The signs of spring are taking root in greenhouses all over the county.

Kevin Bullard of Bullard's Farm Market says they are potting an order of 2,400 Dragon Wing Begonias for sale at the opening of the market April 1. “We will have another three to four shipments of these during the season,”  Bullard said.

The market, which is celebrating its 25th year, added a greenhouse that will allow customers to shop more comfortably for ornamentals and fruits and vegetables.

There aren’t yet vegetable plants at Bullard’s. Based on his 30 years of experience, Bullard thinks that mid to late May is reasonable to think about planting live plants for flowers and food crops. The weather or soil will not be warm enough until then, he said. 

Contact Bullard Farms Market at 574-293-3276 after April 1.

Work at Clay Bottom Farm continues with providing salad greens for the Goshen Farmers Market and local restaurants. Ben Hartman, who with his wife, Rachel Hershberger, runs the artisan farm on C.R. 34, said they have been bringing greens to the market all winter. “It was pretty slim for a few weeks, but it is getting better,” said Hartman of the mixed greens, spinach, kale and micro greens they sell. “Lately we have sold 7 to 80 pounds of greens every week. We have sold out every week.”

Clay Bottom Farm has fresh mixed salad greens, spinach, kale and micro greens, and sweet potatoes, onions, garlic and butternut squash from storage. They are looking forward to the 2014 CSA season after a good season last year.

Hartman and Hershberger do not really want to grow their business this year because of another addition to their lives. The couple are expecting their first child in May. “I understand that a child can take a lot of time”, said Hartman, with a bit of a smile.

Contact Clay Bottom Farm at 574-538-8741 or claybottomfarm@gmail.com.

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