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Posted on Feb. 10, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.


Breakfast will be at 8:30 a.m. Feb. 23 and March 23 and dinner at 6:30 p.m. April 13 at Ryan's Steak House on C.R. 6. Anyone is invited to attend.


Ann Kalman, president, reminded members Jan. 30 of the upcoming KidSight screenings and encouraged members to participate. She also shared information from the District cabinet meeting during which it was announced that of the 4,925 dictionaries distributed by district clubs, 1,176 were from the Elkhart and Elkhart Community clubs.

Larry App, long-time supporter of the Lerner Theatre and Premier Arts, shared a portion of his video chronicling the restoration of the Lerner's 1924 Kimball organ. A sample of the video, which will be available for sale at the Lerner box office, can be viewed at www.storiesretold.com. Bunn-Minnick Pipe Organs of Columbus, Ohio, spent more than 10,000 hours renovating and installing the organ, the entire cost of which was borne by private donors. David Smith, Lerner general manager, outlined plans for quarterly events featuring the organ. On March 8, renowned theatre organist Clark Wilson will perform during the showing of “The General” starring Buster Keaton. Plans are under way to revive the long-ago tradition of organ concerts during the lunch hour.

Upcoming events: Feb. 23, Eyeglass Wash-a-Thon; March 9, district convention in Syracuse; May 3-5, state convention in Fort Wayne; May 11, district cabinet meeting in Culver

Upcoming programs: Wednesday, Gary Chastain, Indiana Lions Speech and Hearing Project; Feb. 20, Robert Haworth, Elkhart Community Schools superintendent; Feb. 27, Deb Stewart, Elkhart Public Library director and Rotary member; March 6, Dorinda Heiden-Guss, Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County; March 13, Brian Wiebe, Horizon Project; March 27, Paul Russell, Indiana Lions Cancer Control Project; April 24, Karen Wesdorp, antique bugles and military bugle calls; May 1, Mayor Dick Moore

Meetings are at noon Wednesdays at Christiana Creek Country Club and are open to the public.

Website: www.elkhartlions.org


The district meeting was held a few weeks ago, and Linda Becker was awarded the Honor Club patch for the club as president during the 2011-12 year. Ann Hughes was presented the Outstanding Treasurer award, and Shelley Manthey received the Outstanding Secretary award.

The speaker on Jan. 31 was Scott Franks, president of U.S. Signcrafters in Osceola, which has been in business for 21 years. Franks is also a Rotary member and belongs to the CBM — a Christian men's organization. He has helped to mentor young boys over the years to help them through some rough spots in life. Franks has been in the sign-making business, but has found that over the years you can expand your business to include other aspects that will make it stronger. There are Building Impressions, which is the ornamental side of the business, and the Sign Store to help with designs and selection of flags. About 10 years ago, Franks felt inclined to write some notes to his employees, in part for his communication with how he perceives the business and what he would expect from himself and them. Over the years, he has written some books and then started a division of printing, Franko Design and Book Division. His book “Pay Notes” contains a collection of notes written to communicate important messages to employees. He started writing them in 1997 and continues today with a national list of readers and heard on radio through WSBT. Franks left the meeting with “make do with what you have now because the future will take care of itself.” To find out more about Franks and his business, go to www.ussigncrafters.com, www.thesignstore.com or call 674-5055.

Meetings are at noon Thursdays at Pumpernickel's and are open to guests.

Information: Liz Fischler, 264-1129 or liz@callray.com


Memorial High School students Cassie Klapp, Chirag Patel, Mallory Thomas and Michael Tripepi were welcomed to the Jan. 31 meeting.

Eric Zell, Elk River Upcycle, spoke about why he started his business, how he acquires the items for upcycling, and his storefront in downtown Elkhart.

Meetings are at 7 a.m. Thursdays at McCarthy's on the Riverwalk and are open to guests.

Information: Kristi Bly at 312-0822 or outdoorkristi@gmail.com


Vic Lawson, as the fickle finger of fellowship, awarded the handshake dollar to Steve Bonine, then fined everyone for not knowing the only state that doesn't allow you to collect rainwater is New Jersey.

Feb. 23 is both the District Conference, followed by the Bowl-a-Thon. Proceeds support child abuse prevention. The club gets to keep (and share with CAPS) half of the money the team raises.

Bonine introduced the Youth of the Month winners Markese McGuire and Cassie Klapp, Elkhart Memorial High School students. They each talked about their activities and plans for the future.

Cory Martin from The Crossing Education Center spoke. Their facilities serve kids who have been removed from school. The Crossing programs are designed to serve the students at their own pace. To be successful, both the school and the students must try to address many of the other issues that affect their lives. Frequently, there is extreme dysfunction and chaos at home.

The Crossing operates out of 16 campuses in Indiana, partnering with local school corporations, and they are an accredited high school. They have four main areas of focus: academics, character, leadership and careers.


Jim Rieckhoff announced Feb. 4 that the deadline for Jack Kissinger award nominations is Feb. 22.

Stu Barb gave an update on the library project in Costa Rica and thanked all who helped.

Mike Loebeck and Ann McQuisition gave an update on funds raised for The Salvation Army and presented a check to Maj. Steve Woodward.

Doug Risser, president, introduced Barb Dicken, a new member who was inducted by Rieckhoff.

John Martin introduced Makenzie Todd, Paula Strausborger, Ean Gilbert and Caleb Platz, student guests from Elkhart Memorial High School.

Dave Dygert, sergeant-at-arms, welcomed all new members and told them how much they are loved and that members wanted them to be involved in Rotary. A good start would be to put $5 in the fine basket. Dygert asked how many members had heated toilet seats. There were two responses, Rex Martin and Mel Jacobson, who blamed it on being friends with Jeff New of Mid-City Supply. Dygert pardoned these two, but asked anyone who did not have a heated toilet seat to contribute $2. At the recent meeting held at The Lerner Theatre, Risser did not have the bell to open the meeting, so Dygert fined him for being a “Nobel Prize.” Bill Burton and Jeff Peat were both fined for being part of their company's advertising program. Tom Pletcher answered the question correctly as to where the first Mardi Gras was held, which was Mobile, Ala., so the rest of his table paid a $2 fine. Dygert gave a tip for Valentines Day: “If your wife asks you for something that is sleek, low and can get to 200 fast, don't buy her a bathroom scale.” The Sergeant's Committee collects over $18,000 a year, which is donated to area charities.

Bill Kovach introduced Dr. Rob Haworth from the Elkhart Community Schools, who traced the history of education from the 1920s until today and outlined how the school corporation plans to grow going forward.

The next meeting is Monday. Floyd Lancia and Piyas Bandyopadhyay will talk about The Plywall learning center in India.

Information: Visit www.elkhartrotary.org or call Tom Shoff at 293-5530


Aaron and Roger Nafziger greeted members at the Jan. 29 meeting. Allan Kauffman led the song; Ryan Hochstetler led the pledge and John Huber offered the prayer.

Steve DePue brought his daughter, Monique, and grandson, Joshua, from Malaysia. Sharon Welsh brought Don Riegsecker.

Doug Hernley from the Depot Thrift Shop in Goshen gave the program. The Depot is operated by MCC and is next to the Old Bag Factory. MCC has 113 stores throughout 60 countries. They have about 250 volunteers, and the money goes to MCC programs. They process about 2,000 pieces of clothing each week and sell a lot of books. They recycle things that are not useable and have a rug-weaving operation using up odds and ends. Volunteers are welcome.


A program by Goshen Mayor Allan Kauffman, student Rotarians from Goshen High School and the induction of a new member were highlights of the Feb. 1 meeting.

Todd Eby introduced guests, which included Jeremy Stutsman, Gene's son. The six student Rotarians were Brent Richter, Leah Brubaker, Madeline Yost, Jesse Good, Adam Bratten and Aimee Swihart.

David Birky, president, announced nominations are still being accepted for the J & K Kissinger Award, given annually to a Rotarian who embodies the “Service Above Self” Rotary code. Nominations will close Feb. 22.

Sharon Risser announced the musical group String Fever will perform at the Lerner Theatre in Elkhart on Feb. 22. Risser heard them at the Rotary International Convention in Thailand last year, and said they are excellent. Google “String Fever” for details.

Laurie Nafziger introduced newest member Rick Thompson. Thompson is vice president of ADEC, is married and has two children.

Larry Gautsche introduced Kauffman, a 1967 graduate of Goshen High School, a 1971 graduate of Goshen College and Goshen mayor since April 1, 1997. Kauffman will deliver his State of the City address in March at the Founder's Day dinner, so he said instead of risking repeating himself he would speak briefly and leave plenty of time for questions. He talked about three bills being introduced in the current session of the state legislature, one by Sen. Carlin Yoder and two by Rep. Wes Culver, both Goshen Rotarians.

Senator Yoder's bill would allow the city to use economic development funds initially earmarked for infrastructure for workforce training as well. Rep. Culver's first bill would improve tracking of local option income-tax revenue to make sure cities are getting back everything they are supposed to. His second bill would help fund low-density housing development on old industrial sites in neighborhoods. All three bills have been introduced on the city's behalf and have been endorsed by the chamber of commerce, Kauffman said.

In answer to questions from the audience, the mayor said the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has a project in the works to add a left turn lane on U.S. 33 near the post office; relations with the Republican-controlled city council are amicable for the most part, although this group of Republican council members vote more as a bloc than in the past; he supports moving to the fall a public referendum on the plans for a community center; the plan to improve U.S. 33 through the city appears to be settling on the north connector route that would run along the railroad tracks — a final decision is expected this spring with work to start in 2015; he expects several proposals for development along the Mill Race from private companies; and who will be Goshen's next mayor when he's done in three years.


Sixty-five members and one guest attended the Jan. 29 meeting in Goshen. Cindi Clawson, WNDU meteorologist, presented the program “2012: A Crazy Year in Weather.”

Members were reminded of the March 2 spring seminar featuring William Woys Weaver speaking on heirloom plants. In addition, the chairs of the 2013 state conference to be hosted by MMGA in September presented their committees' volunteer needs.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Feb. 26 in Ag Hall at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds for a program presented by George Kallimani from McKinley Terrace Gardens speaking on new plants for 2013.


The Jan. 15 meeting was at the Barefoot Children in the Sand Weekend in St. Joseph, Mich., with 22 members present. It looked like the weekend in St. Joseph was going to net approximately $3,000 for the Therapeutic Equestrian Center of Berrien County, Mich. They will also receive a matching grant from The Upton Foundation. There was discussion on the events for the upcoming year as follows: April, pancake breakfast benefiting a child from COTA; June, the Sunburst Water Station; July, Urban Adventure Station; August, Bi-Polar Food Drive; September, American Heart Walk; October, Empty Bowls benefiting Real Services; and December, Christmas Commandoes and Salvation Army Adopt-a-Family. Updates for new club merchandise and updates to the website were also brought up. Interested members are being asked to work on the following committees: membership, social, newsletter, merchandise, Web page, advertising and, most important, charitable events.

The next meeting will be at 5 p.m. Feb. 17 at the Hacienda Restaurant at the 100 Center in Mishawaka. The meeting is open to the public.

Information: Carey Bert at 320-2957 or cber1202@aol.com


All Photographers Guild classes and seminars are held at 212 W. Washington St., Goshen. It is adjacent to the Goshen Farmer's Market behind the Millrace Gallery. Classes and seminars are open to anyone with an interest in photography.

2013 Class Schedule (January-April): 6 to 8 p.m. Feb. 19, 21, 26 and 28, Learn How to Use Photoshop Elements (versions up to Elements 11) to Make Your Photos Sparkle, four-class series. Cost for all four classes: $75. Taught by Danny Graber and Craig Glick-Miller. For more information, call Graber at 266-4265, or 370-6192. Participants will learn the beginning principles of how to change your photograph the same way professionals do. There are some computers with Elements for students' use. A laptop is not required, but would be helpful for using Elements. Classwork assignments will be made to aid in the class. Participants are free to bring personal photos for class work. March 12, 14, 19 and 21 (6 to 8 p.m.). Beginning Photoshop, four-class series. Cost for all four classes: $75. Taught by Branden Beachy. For more information, call Beachy at 903-5112. For those fairly new to Photoshop, the program covers the basics of how Photoshop works and tools needed to make the best use out of the program. The use of layers, filters and adjustments will be taught.

Saturday: How to Organize and Store Your Photos. Learn how to keep your photos organized in an orderly fashion. Learn how to create folders with different topics. March 16: Digital Café. Free for all participants. This is a chance to ask questions pertaining to all things digital — camera files, Photoshop, card readers, etc. Guild members will be on hand to answer questions, as well as share tips and tricks. April 20: Portfolio Review. Bring a series of your photos for review by experienced photographers. Learn what to look for in photos, learn what direction to take with your photography. Content, composition, technical skills, general art and interest of your photos will be evaluated. Register in advance by calling Graber at 370-6192.

April classes will be published at a later date.

Email: jkaylentz@aol.com Fax: 294-3895 Mail: The Elkhart Truth, Attention: Clubs and Organizations, P.O. Box 487, Elkhart, IN 46515 Drop-off: Elkhart newsroom, 421 S. Second St. Deadline: Noon Tuesdays With each submission please include: Brief recap of most recent meeting and details of scheduled events for members and the public Time, day, date and place for next meetings and whether meetings are open to the public

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