Clinton Christian School Honor Roll - First Nine Weeks

    Clinton Christian School has announced it's honor roll for the first quarter.
    Posted on Nov. 13, 2012 at 12:00 a.m.

    High Honor Roll

    Seventh Grade: Erin Beachy, Jacob Heyerly, Destiny Schrock and Emily Yoder

    Eighth Grade: Hunter Hathaway, Ryan Hochstetler, Keidrick Miller, Myka Shetler and Hallie Wingard

    Ninth Grade: Emily Borkowski, Tiffany Miller and Bethany Mullet

    10th Grade: Tori Hathaway, Andrea Miller and Brett Rosas

    11th Grade: Abby Borkowski, Cory Eash, Cole Schwartz, Rebekah Stalker, Justin Yoder and Madison Yoder

    12th Grade: Krystyna Borkowski, Jamin Hochstetler, Desiray Miller and Brooke Rosas

    Honor Roll

    Seventh Grade: Jaden Mullet and Caleb Schrock

    Eighth Grade: Alex Miller, Nathan Stutzman, Angela Troyer and Benson Yoder

    Ninth Grade: Benji Eash, Wesley Garner, Austin Miller and Jalen Yoder

    10th Grade: Chandler Beachy, Rebecca Gordon, Josh Horst and Travette Miller

    11th Grade: Trevor Martin and Chantel Shetler

    12th Grade: Corby Miller, Ethan Miller, Kendall Miller, Lance Miller and Amber Mullet

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