House Speaker Bosma reassigns HJR-3 to House elections committee

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma is proving he'll do whatever it takes to move a constitutional same-sex marriage ban through the legislative process.

Posted on Jan. 21, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. | Updated on Jan. 21, 2014 at 3:54 p.m.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Indiana Speaker of the House Brian Bosma is willing to use everything in his arsenal to ensure a controversial proposal to ban same-sex marriage in the state constitution advances through the House.

The Indianapolis Star reports that Bosma moved the proposal, called House Joint Resolution 3 or HJR-3, from the House Judiciary Committee to the House Elections and Apportionment Committee because the GOP wants to get the proposal to the House floor.

The proposal was originally assigned to the House Judiciary Committee, which heard about three-and-a-half hours of testimony from lawyers, activists and concerned citizens on both sides of the debate Monday, Jan. 13. Though a vote was supposed to be taken following the hearing, testimony took longer than expected and House Judiciary Commitee Chairman Gregory Steuerwald delayed the vote. He said the vote was delayed so the committee had time to consider the testimonies given.

The vote was never rescheduled.

Members of the House Elections and Apportionment Committee include Republican chair Milo Smith; Republican vice chair Kathy Richardson; Republicans Woody Burton, Casey Cox, Richard Hamm, Edmond Soliday, Holli Sullivan, Jeffrey Thompson and Timothy Wesco; and Democrats John Bartlett, Kreg Battles, Philip GiaQuinta and Terry Goodin.

Wesco is from Osceola and one of the three co-authors signed of the bill.

For more information about the reassignment of HJR-3, including when the House Elections and Apportionment Committee will have a hearing on the bill, visit IndyStar.com or follow @IndyStarTony on Twitter.


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