Middlebury Summer Festival packs a punch with music, food and fun

This year’s festival, held in Middlebury’s charming downtown area, featured shiny hot rod tractors, fun rock bands, family activities, fair food and more.

Posted on Aug. 8, 2014 at 10:01 p.m.

MIDDLEBURY — If you pictured the Middlebury Summer Festival and thought of families mingling on a sunny, peaceful lawn with fair food, local sweet corn sold by the high school band and home-made crafts, you would be right. 

If you pictured a fog machine lending a dramatic entrance to a fun, rowdy rock band founded by Northridge teachers that drew a crowd of teens to their feet to jump and shout happily along with their instructors, you also got it right.

If you thought of custom-modified lawn tractors like a shiny diamond-plated steel or a hot rod with racing tires competing in a pulling contest with drivers of all ages, you hit the trifecta.

The Middlebury Summer Festival seemed to have something for everyone with a surprising variety of activities packed into a the downtown area. The gorgeously warm, dry evening made it even better.

The festival continues Saturday, Aug. 9, with even more variety — arm wrestling, Northridge show choirs, a parade at 1 p.m., a “Minute to Win it” game and bands in the evening. The festival is free, and plenty of buggy and car parking is available.


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