Hanna Zook named Middlebury's 2014 Distinguished Young Woman

Ten competed for the title.

Posted on Aug. 2, 2014 at 10:37 p.m.

MIDDLEBURY — Northridge High School senior Hanna Zook was named Middlebury’s 2014 Distinguished Young Woman on Saturday, Aug. 2. She won the Self-Expression Award, the Scholastic Award and the Interview Award, winning $1,500 in scholarships and $300 in awards.

“I’m excited, but it was unexpected to me,” said Zook. “All of us were talking backstage on how it could be any one of us who won, so it’s kind of overwhelming and surprising, but exciting at the same time.”

Melanie Streeter was first runner-up. She won the Fitness Award and the Talent Award. She also won the People’s Choice Award, a new award where the audience voted for their favorite candidate by putting money into the box belonging to the candidate. She won $1,200 in scholarships and $300 in awards.

Syd Dille was second runner-up. She won the Be Your Best Self Award and the Spirit of Distinguished Young Woman Award, totaling $800 in scholarships and $200 in awards.

Bethany Davis also won the Spirit of Distinguished Young Woman Award, winning $100.

Zook will represent Middlebury in the Indiana Distinguished Young Woman program in February.

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