Wastewater and water improvement projects progress in Middlebury

Work is underway to improve and expand the town’s wastewater and water systems.

Posted on July 25, 2014 at 9:40 a.m.

The Middlebury Redevelopment Commission heard at its meeting on Thursday, July 24, that the town’s wastewater treatment plant improvements have progressed past the construction phase – all that’s left to do now is work piping, wiring and transferring the system from the old equipment to the expanded new equipment.

Work began on the updates and expansion project last summer because the plant had reached its capacity. The project is expected to be completed by November.  

Additionally, the commission heard that the water main extension project to Jayco and Industrial Parkway is being advertised for bids. Approximately 60 of the 80 water pressure reduction valves that needed to be installed in Highland Hills neighborhoods have been installed. Soon work on pipes, valves and an existing booster pump will be advertised for bids. Town street improvement projects will also be going out to bid soon.

Town Manager Mark Salee said he will call a meeting of the steering committee that created the town’s comprehensive strategic growth plan to determine how to best utilize around $500,000 from the Middlebury East TIF district. Possible usages might include buggy lanes on C.R. 16, street lights, improving entrances into town, and signage and wayfinding.


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