Krider Gardens in Middlebury getting new water feature

Aquascapes is donating time and resources to fixing up Krider Gardens' water feature.

Posted on April 23, 2014 at 6:05 p.m.

MIDDLEBURY — The Krider World’s Fair Garden in Middlebury is about to be the site of an Aquascapes “pond build.”

Aquascapes Inc. manufactures residential and commercial water features. A pond build is an event in which Aquascapes Inc., its local distributors and contractors team together to construct a water feature, usually in a highly visible municipal location, in one day. The pond build is planned for Thursday, May 8.

Wayne Miller, the owner of Premier Aquascapes, the Middlebury dealer of Aquascape products, knew that the park department was having leaking problems with the waterfalls and pond in Krider Gardens.

“The pond powers the water wheel. It has had a leak in it for four to five years, and when the water gets too low, the wheel can’t turn. It has been a constant maintenance issue,” said Tom Enright,Middlebury parks and recreation manager . “Wayne actually approached me and he said he would be able to make it so much nicer than it is.”

“The pond bothered me. I don’t like to see a display pond like the one in Krider be in the condition it was,” said Miller.

“The mill house and water wheel are near the entrance to the park.  They were part of the original World’s Fair Garden,” said park board president John McKee. “Premier Aquascapes is re-creating and improving the pond, the stream and bridge. They are adding the waterfall enhancement because we have the hill to develop the waterfall on.”

The waterfall will have three to five drops and also one large drop.

"It will make a nice backdrop for weddings, which is one of the things people come to Krider Gardens for,” said McKee.

“It will be a night-and-day difference from what is was. It will be a totally new feature and definitely an improvement,” said Miller.

“Without Aquascape’s assistance and the Friends of Middlebury Parks financial and volunteer support, we most likely would not have a Krider water feature,” said McKee. “We are paying about a quarter of what it would cost if we had to buy it.”

In preparation for the pond build, last fall students from the eighth grade civics class at Northridge Middle School helped move the rock for the existing pond.

“They literally moved a ton of rock,” said Enright.

The students may be back to help reconstruct the pond, also.

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