Middlebury Fire Department upgrades equipment with new truck

The Middlebury Fire Department bought the vehicle from Crossroads Ambulance Sales and Service LLC of Elkhart.

Posted on April 4, 2014 at 6:47 p.m.

The Middlebury Fire Department took possession of a new vehicle April 4.

The new truck is a grass rig, used to fight grass fires. It replaces their 1987 grass rig.

“It’s a big upgrade from the 1987 vehicle. It’s a pretty important piece of equipment,” said Bill Phillips, assistant fire chief.

The fire department bought the truck from Crossroads Ambulance Sales and Service LLC of Elkhart.

“It is the first fire truck we’ve built,” said Janet Martin, wife of Crossroads owner Dean Martin.

The new truck is bigger, with a four-man cab. The old grass rig had a two-man cab. The new grass rig also has a nozzle in the front that can be operated by remote control from inside the vehicle.

The fire department set aside $131,000 to buy the new truck. It will keep the older grass rig as a back-up.

The fire department will also get a new rescue truck with a pumper April 15.

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