Goshen rallies in support of Ferguson, Mo.

    A small crowd rallied in Goshen on Saturday in support of minorities in Ferguson, Mo. 

    Posted on Aug. 30, 2014 at 8:28 p.m.

    GOSHEN — The Elkhart County Courthouse in Goshen was the scene of a rally in support of minorities in Ferguson, Mo., on Saturday, Aug. 30.

    Between 35 and 45 people took part in the early afternoon rally to be “in solidarity with the community of Ferguson and other communities experiencing the uglier side of life,” according to rally attender Jeremy Friesen.

    As passers by honked or shouted from cars, those in attendance to the rally stood on the corner of Main Street and Lincoln Avenue peacefully waving signs.

    Mary Allen Lynch attended the rally because she is concerned about young lives being lost.

    “As a mother of children with skin darker than mine and also as a teacher, it breaks my heart to think of young lives being lost.”

    Allen Lynch said she very much appreciates what those in law enforcement do, but, “We all need to look inside ourselves for biases that may exist.”

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