Goshen car dealer to start selling, displaying RVs

    Goshen Buick received a three-year permission for dealing without a permanent building. 

    (James Buck / The Elkhart Truth)
    Posted on Aug. 28, 2014 at 3:29 p.m.

    GOSHEN — A car dealer on the north side of Goshen will start selling recreational vehicles.

    Goshen Buick, 3220 Elkhart Road, got permission from the Goshen Board of Zoning Appeals to allow an RV sales and display area just southeast of the dealership. 

    The lot will also have 15 parking spaces, even though 23 are required by the board’s rules. The board approved the 15 parking spaces because they found the lesser number of spaces would not threaten the public’s health and because the value of the surrounding properties will not be affected.

    The dealership will be able to sell RVs as it requested for three years, but it must meet some conditions: It must in the meantime get a building permit; the final site plan must be approved by the plan commission before issuing a building permit; and the city’s engineering department must approve utilities, such as drainage.

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