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Goshen Board off Zoning Appeals approves Horn Ditch project

The County Surveyor’s Office and the city of Goshen attended the Goshen Board of Zoning Appeals meeting Tuesday, June 24, to request permission to fill in designated flood plains along Horn Ditch.

Posted on June 24, 2014 at 11:30 p.m.

GOSHEN — The city and county got approval from the Goshen Board of Zoning Appeals to go ahead with plans to reduce flooding on the southeast side of Goshen. 

The board approved a petition to place soil in the floodplain on either side of the Horn Ditch, which runs between College Avenue and C.R. 31 to increase water storage capacity and reduce flooding in the future. 

The Elkhart County Surveyor’s Office the City of Goshen have been working with Supreme Corp. and Forest River Inc., two businesses near the ditch that are affected by the flooding in the area that agreed to help fund the project.

The project will cost approximately $1.3 million. The plan is to build a two-stage ditch with the goal of “minimizing property damage, optimizing real estate uses and minimizing shutdown of transportation routes," said city utilities engineer and stormwater superintendent Dustin Sailor in a letter to the board.

It is anticipated that 155,000 cubic yards of soil will be removed to build the new ditch shelves. Floodplain areas on either side of the ditch are slated to be filled with that soil that was removed, Sailor said in the letter. 

Construction is expected to start this summer.


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