Should Goshen High School get rid of its 'Redskins' mascot?

    Since the Washington Redskins’ trademark was revoked, many sports teams with the same name are being faced with an identity crisis. What should Goshen High School do?

    Posted on June 20, 2014 at 1:41 p.m.

    Now that the Washington Redskin’s trademark registration was canceled by a federal board, sports teams around the country with the same name are debating whether they should find a new identity.

    The name has been protested among Native American groups for years, but the pulled trademark registration was a boon to the Native American’s argument that the term is derogatory. (The NFL team’s trademark, by the way, was revoked along with five others for being “disparaging to Native Americans.”)

    A quick search from Google’s news pages shows articles have been published concerning high schools in Washington D.C., the Boston area, Washington state, Philadelphia, Oklahoma and West Virginia that all bear the name. 

    Indiana is no exception. There are four high schools in the state that carry the “redskins” banner, including, of course, Goshen High School. The other schools are Emmerich Manual High School in Indianapolis, North Side High in Fort Wayne and Knox High School .

    And according to an article from WBAA, Purdue’s NPR affiliate, none of them are likely to change mascots any time soon.

    So, on a local level, what do you think? Should Goshen High School change their mascot?

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