Goshen City Council approves Horn Ditch project, Purl Street vacation, Taco Time sign

    The Goshen City Council approved a new sign for Taco Time and a reconfiguration of the Horn Ditch stormwater drain at its Tuesday meeting.

    (Nick Wesman)
    Posted on June 3, 2014 at 9:46 p.m.

    The Goshen City Council met Tuesday to discuss proposed appropriations and projects.

    Here are the highlights:

    Purl Street vacation
    The city council voted to approve an ordinance that would allow the vacation of a portion of Purl Street east of South 10th Street. The area that will be vacated belongs to Goshen Community Schools.

    GCS lawyer Bill Davis, who was at the meeting to represent the school district, said it would allow a potential building addition adjacent to the vacated area.

    Taco Time road signs
    The council voted 5-2 to allow Taco Time on Lincolnway East to build a freestanding pole-mounted sign in addition to two wall signs.

    Reps. Julia Gautsche and Everett Thomas opposed the ordinance, saying the roadway already is cluttered with signs. Other representatives also expressed objections, but Gautsche and Thomas were the only two to vote against the proposal.

    Taco Time is in a planned unit development (PUD) zone restricted to monument-style signs with a maximum height of 5 feet. Because adding a pole-mounted sign is considered a PUD major change, the council had to vote to pass an ordinance allowing Taco Time’s new sign.

    Horn Ditch Project

    The council unanimously approved a resolution to increase the capacity of Horn Ditch from College Avenue to C.R. 31 and fund that project.

    The Elkhart County Drainage Board developed plans for the ditch’s reconfiguration, which is expected to reduce flooding.

    The city will take on this project with Elkhart County, Supreme Corporation and Forest River Inc., all of which are expected to benefit from changes to the ditch.

    Forest River will be reimbursed through tax increment financing over a period of eight years if the assessed value of the property increases, council members said.

    Stormwater utility appropriations

    The council approved the first reading of a proposed $1.4 million appropriation for stormwater utility improvements. The appropriation ordinance will get a second reading at the June 17 council meeting, and council members will decide whether to pass the ordinance into law at that meeting.

    The appropriation will come from funding reserves available to the stormwater department. The money would be used to fund a portion of the Horn Ditch reconfiguration project, as well as three other projects:

    • Reconstruction of North Fifth Street from Clinton Street to Crescent Street, which could improve the City’s stormwater access to Rock Run Creek
    • Monitoring the Tenth Street storm sewers, which have been backing up stormwater into businesses along Tenth Street
    • A plan to relocate 1,500 feet of storm sewer around NIBCO’s building in the Goshen Industrial Park, which would reduce flooding and ease the burden on existing stormwater infrastructure.

    The next Goshen City Council meeting is June 17.


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