Goshen City Council hears from street commissioner about impact of winter

    The Goshen Street Department requested $150,550 to replenish funds spent this past winter.

    Posted on May 6, 2014 at 8:58 p.m. | Updated on May 6, 2014 at 9:01 p.m.

    GOSHEN — The weather is warming up and flowers are starting to bloom, but this past winter is still on the minds of local leaders, especially at the Goshen Street Department.

    Street commissioner Denny Long told the Goshen City Council on Tuesday, May 6, that the street department hauled 1,293 loads of snow between December and March. In an average year, only 300 to 400 loads are hauled away by the street department, according to Long. Crews spent 5,389 hours removing snow in Goshen this winter, he added.

    Councilman Everett Thomas noted that the street department crews did “a fantastic job during an ugly winter.”

    The city council approved an additional appropriation Tuesday evening of $150,550 from the its motor vehicle highway account to replenish funds the street department spent this past winter.

    Here is a breakdown of the city’s appropriation:

    • Full-time wages: $36,000
    • Part-time wages: $8,000
    • Overtime: $21,500
    • Gas, diesel and propane: $40,500
    • Street, alley and sewer materials: $32,700
    • Other operating supplies: $8,000
    • Gas and electric: $2,850
    • Equipment rental: $1,000


    • The council authorized planning and zoning administrator Rhonda Yoder to file the city’s Community Development Block Grant annual plan.
    • The council set the annual tax rate for the city’s cumulative capital development fund at 5 cents per $100 of assessed value; the cumulative building and sinking fund for municipal sewers at roughly 3 cents per $100; and the cumulative building or remodeling, firefighting and police radio equipment fund at roughly 3 cents per $100.
    • The council approved a vacation of the Adams Street right of way west of 11th Street to the alley owned by T&M Rubber and the vacation of an alley north of New York Street between 1201 S. 11th St. and 705 New York St. Assembly Mennonite Church plans to buy the property at 705 New York St. to use for parking and green space.
    • The council rezoned a property on the west side of Third Street between Madison and Purl streets to allow Matthews LLC of South Bend to build townhomes along the Millrace Canal.
    • The council waived a water connect charge of $1,348 for the East Goshen Neighborhood Association’s garden on the southeast corner of East Lincoln Avenue and Blackport Drive.
    • Council members are forming a committee to address city ordinances regarding outdoor storage, nuisance properties and problems with junk piling up in yards.

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