A freeze warning issued in February for Goshen water utility customers continues

    Customers who allow their water to run to prevent freezing can qualify for a billing adjustment.

    Posted on March 11, 2014 at 1:08 p.m.

    GOSHEN — The city of Goshen is continuing a freeze warning for water utility customers.

    A system-wide warning was initially issued Feb. 11 because of an increased number of weather-related service interruptions. The freeze warning may stay in place for up to a month.

    “Even with March warming trends, the frost line will not contract as quickly as the air temperature rises,” according to a news release issued by the city Tuesday, March 11. “In fact, it is possible for the frost line to deepen even after the surface temperature begins to moderate.”

    The frost line depth in Goshen is four and a half feet deep, according to the city. As the frost line reaches water mains and laterals, freezing and breaks can occur. Water mains in the city are constructed to be a minimum of five feet deep with very few exceptions. Lateral connections between water mains and homes and businesses vary in depth.

    Fewer water line breaks have been reported to the city since customers began following freeze warning suggestions.

    Because running water is less likely to freeze, the city recommends that all water utility customers allow water to run from a single cold water faucet inside their home or business. The water should run in a single stream the size of pencil lead.

    Customers who leave water running as a preventative measure must contact the Utility Business Office at (574) 533-9399 to receive a billing adjustment from the date the office is contacted until the end of the freeze warning. Customers who called during the initial freeze warning do not have to call again.

    The account credit will relieve customers of the responsibility for the increased usage during the warning period.

    The city’s water utility department regularly monitors the frost line depth and will notify customers via local media, on Facebook and at goshenindiana.org when the freeze warning is canceled and it is safe to stop running streams of water.

    Customers who lose water service or have slower than normal water flow because of a suspected frozen water line are asked to call the Water Utility Maintenance Department between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on weekdays at (574) 534-5306.

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