Goshen school board expected to vote for new pool location in their next meeting

    A consulting firm presented its recommendation on where to build a new pool for Goshen Community Schools.

    Posted on March 10, 2014 at 10:11 p.m.

    GOSHEN — After hearing recommendations from the consulting firm, the Goshen school board anticipates to make a decision on where to build a new pool as part of the school corporation's $17 million improvement project by their next meeting.

    During a presentation given at the Goshen school board meeting March 10, the school corporation's consulting firm, InterDesign, recommended the new pool be built in Goshen Middle School. 

    Daniel Rawlins, a representative of the firm, said the cost of building a new pool at Goshen High School would be between $829,000 and $1.4 million. Building the pool in the other school would cost even less than that.

    Rawlins explained the process that went into coming up with a recommendation, which included meeting with a pool location task force in January and February. 

    Rawlins also compared the use of the Goshen High School pool for its curriculum to the use of the middle school's pool.

    Rawlins explained that if the pool were to be built in the middle school, the high school would have some access to the pool. A 90-minute block schedule would allow time for the class. Classes would need to be integrated with the middle school's class schedule.

    However, Rawlins said that placing the pool in the high school would bring major changes to the middle school's physical education curriculum. The school district would study whether swim instructions should happen at elementary or middle school level. 

    Rawlins said more of the utilities, parking and circulation, and program spaces would be affected if the pool were to be built in the high school instead of the middle school.

    Additionally, Rawlins reported that more people from the pool task force voted for the new pool to be built in the middle school.

    School board members at Goshen Community Schools refused to make any decisions before letting the community know about the consulting firm's recommendation. 

    Several board members, including Cathy Cripe, vice president of the board, said they had been asked by members of the community about the new pool's location. Cripe said she thought it would be fair to leave some time for the public to voice their opinion before the board voted. 

    The school board's next meeting is scheduled at 6 p.m. March 24, at Chandler Elementary School, 419 S 8th St, Goshen.

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