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Goshen water customers under freeze warning

Department urges customers to take precautions to avoid freezing pipes

Posted on Feb. 16, 2014 at 3:36 p.m.

GOSHEN — Despite the warmer temperatures on the way this week, the Goshen Water Utility has issued a system-wide freeze warning.

A release from the city said though the air temperature is expected to rise above freezing this week, freezing water lines could remain an issue.

The water utility has determined the frost line is currently 4½ feet deep and the temperature underground will not change as rapidly as the air temperature.

The department recommends customers leave a single cold water faucet running inside their home or business.

The water should run in a small stream similar to the size of a pencil lead because running water is less likely to freeze.

The freeze warning will be in effect until further notice.

All customers who leave their water running as a preventative measure should contact the Utility Business Office at 533-9399 to receive a billing adjustment from the date the office is contacted until the end of the freeze warning.

Customers who notify the department of their participation will have their water and sewer bills adjusted, relieving them of the responsibility for the increased usage during the warning period.

Those who experience loss of water service or a slower than normal water flow due to frozen water lines should contact the Water Utility Maintenance Department at 534-5306.

The water utility will continue to monitor the frost-line depth and will notify customers when the freeze warning is canceled.


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