Goshen Board of Works declares purchasing emergency for Street Department

    The harsh winter was resulted in increasing expenses for clearing roads and maintaining equipment.

    Posted on Feb. 10, 2014 at 4:51 p.m.

    GOSHEN — The city's Board of Public Works and Safety declared a purchasing policy emergency for the street department Monday, Feb. 10.

    The unusually harsh and prolonged winter has kept the Street Department busy the past few months. And as the department continues to work to keep roads clear and safe, they wanted the flexibility to acquire additional resources in times of urgent need without having to wait for approval.

    A memo to the board said this season has "maximized the Street Department's materials and equipment." Declaring the purchasing emergency means that the department can make the necessary purchases of materials and equipment without having to go through the normal processes.

    The policy will stand until the first week of March, when the street department anticipates the emergency declaration is no longer needed.

    The declaration of a purchasing emergency is just the latest effort by the department to combat the hard winter experienced in the area.

    Last week, Street Commissioner Denny Long requested, and was granted, a $60,000 additional appropriation to help cover the costs of repairs and replacements of equipment that has taken a beating since December.

    The appropriation did not, however, address the issue of overtime hours.

    At the time, Long said he would likely have to return to city council in the spring to discuss the overtime worked by his employees, which is already nearing the entire year's limit just five weeks into the year.

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