Elkhart 2014 ArtWalk draws families, professionals

Visitors took part in a Lerner Theatre-sponsored community art project while local artists showcased their work.

Posted on July 9, 2014 at 8:19 p.m.

Some people take up golf when they retire. Artist Ray Gavin decided to take up stained glass art.

But he felt creating pieces with only glass would be unoriginal. It wasn’t art, he said.

Instead, Gavin adds glass pebbles, shells and stones to stained glass, creating pieces like a pink and white hanging modeled after a sunset he watched.

“I feel like I’m doing art,” he said, smiling.

Gavin was one of the artists featured at Elkhart’s 2014 ArtWalk on Wednesday, July 9. He and 13 other participating artists showed off their work on Main Street in Elkhart as part of the event.

ArtWalk drew dabblers and budding artists like Dominic Diaz and his sister Destiny as well. The two kids helped with a watercolor painting sponsored by the Lerner Theatre, a community art project that will be stored at the theater.

Dominic said he wants to be an artist when he grows up. He painted the outline of his foot on the paper canvas.

“Just paint,” he said. “That’s all I like.”

Lerner volunteer coordinator Ranee Robinson said The Lerner is collecting community art projects such as the watercolor. The theater also sponsored a sculpture made of blocks of black wood, which passersby painted. Volunteers handed out cups of paint, which visitors dripped on the sculpture until multiple colors of paint ran down the side. Kids and adults joined in.

While artists showcased their work in Main Street shops like the Black Crow on Main, musicians played on the sidewalk. Visitors coming from the south heard the JT Buffett Band playing “Margaritaville,” while visitors from the north walked down Main to the sound of Mark Wilson plucking a banjo.

Visitor John Miltenberger joined in with people pouring paint on The Lerner sculpture, dripping bright green paint on top of the piece. He’s an artist himself, specializing in photography and oil pastels, and said he was drawn in by the community art project.

“I want to take part in that,” he said. “It’s cool.”


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