Millionaire David Gundlach's art collection is focus of charitable auction at Lerner Theatre

Winning bidders will direct money to charity of their choice.

Posted on May 28, 2014 at 6:17 p.m.

ELKHART — A collection of art and furniture formerly owned by David Gundlach will be sold in a benefit auction Thursday night, May 29, in the Lerner Theatre’s Crystal Ballroom.

Tickets for the “Tribute to the Arts” charitable event were sold for $250. About 200 people are expected to attend the event, said Craig Gibson, artistic director of Premier Arts, which is hosting the event.

Gundlach died in 2011 and left what was then estimated to be $125 million to the Elkhart County Community Foundation. Later, it was calculated that the gift was actually closer to $150 million

What will be available?

A total of 27 items ranging from furniture to artwork will be available.

Some of the art includes numerous works by Yuri Gevorgian Yuroz, including “Music in his Soul,” a painting that has a retail value of $250,000; “Surrealist Piano,” a bronze statue by Salvador Dalí appraised at $6,000, and a bronze relief of Pope John Paul II by Harold (Tuck) Langland, who was a professor of fine art at Indiana University South Bend.

Numerous lamps and end tables also are part of the collection.

How does the benefit work?

Winning bidders will choose which nonprofit entity will receive their money. On top of that, the foundation will provide a 25 percent match of up to $25,000. That arrangement is for entities that have an existing or new fund established with the foundation.

What else is happening?

Activities will include a dinner. There will be a video presentation highlighting the Gundlach art collection.

Prior to the auction, there will be a presentation of the second annual Arthur J. Decio Patron of the Arts Award to a philanthropic member of the community.

The auction will be run by Chuck Freeby.

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