Low bid for downtown Elkhart wastewater holding tank comes in at $7.09 million

    Installation of the tank, which has prompted concern among some downtown merchants, is to start in July.

    Posted on May 13, 2014 at 3:28 p.m.

    ELKHART — The cost of installing a planned underground wastewater holding tank in the city center is looking to come in at $7 million-plus.

    The Elkhart Board of Public Works held a special meeting Tuesday, May 13, to open bids for the work, which calls for construction of the million-gallon tank under the Gause parking lot at the southwest corner of Jackson Boulevard and Waterfall Drive. The low base bid was $7.09 million, from Grand River Construction of Hudsonville, Mich., while three other proposals ranged up to $8.99 million.

    The board plans to meet again on May 27 to formally select one of the proposals.

    The tank plans are part of a broader series of upgrades meant to keep untreated sewage and wastewater from discharging from Elkhart’s sewage and wastewater collection system into the waterways here. The plans for the Gause parking lot tank have generated concern among downtown merchants who are worried that the work, to start in July and last up to two years, will hamper commerce in the city center.

    Still to be received and opened are bids for planned upgrades to Elkhart’s Wastewater Treatment Plant at 1201 S. Nappanee St. Preliminary estimates for the two upgrade projects total $23.26 million, to be covered by a special low-interest bond.

    The overall estimated price tag for the broader series of planned upgrades, to be completed by 2034, totals $155 million.

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