Elkhart mayor Dick Moore seeks $1.7 million for road repairs

    Council could vote on the request at its May 19 meeting.

    Posted on May 5, 2014 at 10:30 p.m.

    ELKHART — The city council took the first step Monday, May 5, toward providing additional money for street repairs made worse by severe winter weather.

    Mayor Dick Moore is seeking $1.7 million to fix potholes and pave stretches of road torn up from winter driving. He is asking the money come from the economic development income tax fund.

    Last month, Moore suggested he might need as much as $2 million for road repairs.

    The council took the request under advisement, but did not assign it to a committee, a sign that seems to underscore a sense of urgency over the request. Normally such requests are assigned to a council committee where they are reviewed before the council takes up the issue.

    Instead, council president Ron Troyer chose to keep it with the council where it could be voted on as soon as the May 19 meeting.

    Moore did not attend the meeting.

    Councilman Brent Curry noted that the city is eager to get the process moving and avoid delays in getting the work done.

    Other business:

    ■ The council approved the second half of a $3 million investment the city is providing for the Shoppes on Six retail development near C.R. 6 and Cassopolis Street.

    Last year, the city agreed to loan $1.5 million from the Major Moves fund and repay it with tax increment finance dollars. The plan approved Monday involves the city paying back $1.5 million in bonds purchased by Thompson Thrift. The money will be repaid with TIF revenues.

    The vote was 7-1 with David Henke opposing.

    ■ Approved plans to issue and sell bonds to cover up to about $24 million for two major sewer projects. One is the underground tank planned for downtown. The other involves improvements at the wastewater treatment plant.

    ■ The council was invited to a presentation by SoMA, the downtown revitalization group. An update on the group’s work will be given at 5:30 p.m. May 12 at the Lerner Theatre.

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