Hydrant flushing has begun in Elkhart

Annual procedure can cause discoloration in tap water.

Posted on April 28, 2014 at 3:53 p.m.

ELKHART — The annual flushing of hydrants has begun in Elkhart.

The process will continue through May 13.

Residents are advised not to do laundry on the specific day when flushing is scheduled in their neighborhood because of the discolored water caused by flushing.

The city of Elkhart also advises residents to make sure catch basins are clear of debris and that drains should be plugged in flood-prone areas.

For a schedule of flushing dates, the city has a map available on its website, and a similar map will be published in The Elkhart Truth closer to the starting date.

2014 Fire Hydrant Flushing Schedule

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