I&M to start raising St. Joseph River level upstream of Elkhart dam

The power company lowered the river level last December and now it's raising it back up again -- levels could rise as much as two feet.

Posted on March 13, 2014 at 3:14 p.m.

Indiana Michigan Power will start raising the level of the St. Joseph River upstream of the dam at Johnson Street in Elkhart on Monday, March 17.

The level upstream of the dam, formally known as the Elkhart Hydroelectric Generating Station, was lowered two feet last December to prevent ice buildup at Six Span Bridge, the C.R. 17 crossing over the river. The level is to be raised back up over three or four days, Indiana Michigan Power said in a statement Wednesday, March 12.

Those living up to eight miles upstream of the dam "may wish to make note of this in case there is any work they would like to finish along the river bank before the level rises two feet," said the statement.

The Elkhart dam generates 3.44 megawatts of power and is one of six hydroelectric plants I&M owns along the river.


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