Moore seeks help with catch basins, water lines

Clear those basins and take action to prevent frozen water lines, he says.

Posted on Feb. 16, 2014 at 3:53 p.m.

With warmer temps in the forecast, Elkhart Mayor Dick Moore is asking residents for cooperation in clearing snow from catch basins and fire hydrants.

Removing snow from around catch basins, Moore said, will allow water from melting snow to better reach the catch basins and reduce the chances of flooding streets, which can hide submerged potholes. He’s specifically asking residents to clear any basins near their property.

The reminder was issued in a statement released by Moore’s office.

Moore also asked residents and business owners to clear snow from hydrants and provide 3 feet of space around the hydrants to ensure firefighters have quick access in the event of a fire.

Moore suggested residents and business owners help prevent their water lines from freezing by keeping a small stream of water running from a faucet. Service lines extend from houses and businesses to the city’s water main, often located in the street. Service lines have been freezing in recent weeks and are the responsibility of the property owner, Moore said.

Anyone who suspects their service line is frozen is encouraged to call 264-4273 for assistance. If the water line is frozen, the city can temporarily connect water service from a neighbor if all parties are agreeable.

Last week, the city reported more than 40 cases of frozen water lines.

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