Ten girls vying for 2014 Bristol Homecoming Queen crown

The Bristol Homecoming Queen pageant will have five girls in each division competing for the crown.

Posted on July 3, 2014 at 7:09 a.m.

A Teen Bristol Homecoming Queen and a Miss Bristol Homecoming Queen will be crowned Thursday, July 10.

Five girls are vying for the crown in the Teen Division (for girls ages 13 to 16) and five are competing in the Miss Division (for candidates ages 17 to 20) of the Bristol Homecoming Queen Pageant.

“We brought back the Teen and Miss divisions because there was a giant gap between the girls wanting to be in the pageant. It isn't fair to have a 13-year-old competing against a 20-year-old,” said pageant chair Toni Miller. “I also wanted to open it up more so that more girls could be involved.”

Tickets are $5 and are available from the contestants, Toni Miller, the Homecoming Committee and at the door the night of the pageant. For tickets or information, please contact Toni Miller at 612-7946 or visit the pageant Facebook page at Miss Bristol Homecoming Queen Pageant.


The pageant will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 10, at the Bristol Church of the Nazarene, 401 Hilbish Blvd. in Bristol.


Lizzy Anderson is 14 years old. She will be a freshman at White Pigeon High School. She seeks to become valedictorian of her graduating class. She belongs to Glee Club, Quiz Bowl, Science Olympiad, Math Meet, band and cheerleading. She has volunteered at the Bristol Library, the Bristol Museum and with Mentoring Matters. She helped at Camp Lutherwald, Reading Camp and the Havilah Beardsley House archaeological dig. Her goal is to encourage reading. She is sponsored by Rodgers Auto.

Raven Knapp is 15 years old. She will be in 10th grade at Northridge High School. She wants to go to Notre Dame and become a doctor or nurse. She is involved in her church youth group, Hearts Helping Haiti, choir, drama, is an office assistant at school and helps in the functional skills class. With Hearts Helping Haiti she collects donations of supplies to take to Haiti. Over spring break she went with the organization to deliver supplies. She wants to speak about the need to help Haiti and collect donations for Hearts Helping Haiti. She is sponsored by Hearts Helping Haiti.

Hazel Kuykendall is 14 years old. She will be in 8th grade at West Side Middle School. Her motto is: “Never give up.” She would like to study nursing at Notre Dame. She participates in softball, youth group, 3DYC at church and Prairie Camp. She helped with community clean-up and helped raise money for the Red Cross. She would like to work to re-establish the Bristol Princess program for the Bristol Homecoming Queen Pageant. She is sponsored by G. Ranger Waynes.

Makayla McKenzie is 15 years old. She will be a sophomore at Edwardsburg High School. Her goal is to double major in musical theater and acoustical engineering. She belongs to Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD), after school mentoring, youth group, drama club and high school musical theater. She has volunteered at sausage breakfasts and raking with her youth group. She wants to share the idea that all people are beautiful. She will do that by showing the most confidence she can and encouraging those around her. Her sponsors are Phyllis and Dale Tharp.

Adrianna Nettro is 15 years old. She will be a junior at Elkhart Central High School. Her ambition is to become a surgeon. She is a member of Key Club through Kiwanis. She volunteers through Key Club, school, church and Feed the Children. If she is chosen queen she would work hard to help those around her through community service, mentoring and being a positive role model. She would strive to be a positive, kind and compassionate influence for all of the people in her community. She is sponsored by Kruse Farm Supply.


Jaimie Marie Dayton is 20 years old. She graduated from Elkhart Central High School in 2011 and works in assembly at Dometic. She is a volunteer at LoveWay. She wants to let other girls know that you don’t have to be a size zero to be beautiful, and to not let what other people think about you bother you. She wants to encourage them to be confident in everything they do. She is sponsored by the Bristol Fire Department.

Victoria Marian Amariutei is 19 years old. She was a 2013 graduate of the Elkhart Life Program. Currently she is studying vocal performance at Bethel College. She is a nanny. Her ambition is to earn a master’s degree in opera performance and travel the world singing. She is part of the Elkhart Civic Theatre troupe. She was 2nd runner-up in 2012 in the Bristol Homecoming Queen pageant and 2nd runner-up and Miss Congeniality in 2013. She wants to show that you should never hold back, always go after your dream and be yourself. She is sponsored by the Electric Pineapple.

Deonna Minix is 19 years old. The graduated from Clay High School in 2013 and will graduate from IUSB in 2017. She works at McDonalds. She is working to receive her bachelor’s degree in German Education with a minor in music performance. She has participated in band, orchestra, choir, soccer, German Club and a Quiddich team. She is a member of the Twin Cities Band and plays 8 instruments. She wants to be an educator. She is sponsored by Ken Con Corporation.

Krista Rapp is 18 years old. She is a senior at Memorial High School. Her ambition is to become a police officer. She participated in the Elkhart County Explorers program. She would like to help empower and boost young women’s rights and self-esteem within the community. She wants to uplift the spirits of the young women in the community and help them understand self worth and the value of life. She would like to set up a “prince/princess” for the day at the local Boys and Girls Club. She is sponsored by the Bristol Police Department.

Kristin Walters is 19 years old. She graduated from Elkhart Central High School in 2013 and is attending Ivy Tech. Her ambition is to become a middle or high school teacher and photographer. She has been active in the 4-H Rabbit Club, the Anime Club and donates blood at the American Red Cross. She would like to show others that it is okay to be unique and yourself. She wants to show others that everyone deserves at least one friend. She is sponsored by Rupel’s Toy Train.


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