Bristol Town Council approves funds for fire department, sidewalks

In addition to the breathing equipment, approximately 6,500 square feet of town sidewalks will be repaired or replaced.


Posted on May 16, 2014 at 7:02 a.m.

The Bristol Town Council approved taking an additional appropriation of $116,540 from the police and fire cumulative radio fund to help the Bristol Fire Department replace old breathing apparatus with 18 new sets with spare bottles and a compressor.

The council also approved taking an additional appropriation from the cumulative capital development fund of $40,000 to repair about 6,500 square feet of sidewalks using Young Services, Inc.

The council held an additional appropriation hearing to move $33,000 from last year’s Economic Development Income Tax fund into this year’s fund and $65,547 from last year’s county Industrial Drive fund to this year’s fund so payment can be made on the work for the construction on Industrial Drive.

The town will use $93,000 from the EDIT fund to integrate the controls for the town’s existing wells, with the new well being built in the Bristol Park for Industry.

The council named the section of C.R. 29 that is now within the town limits Blakesley Parkway.

The council also approved buying a new 61” mower with $4,100 from the parks budget and $4,100 from the cemetery budget.

The council saw a sample of stickers that are being made to notify residents of violations for not keeping their grass mowed and having vehicles parked in their yards.

Resident Sandy Lingofelter announced that Bristol’s annual community garage sale will be held July 31, as well as August 1 and 2. Those interested in being on the map can call Sandy Lingofelter at 848-4010.

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