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Lemonade Day will be May 3 in Elkhart County. (Photo courtesy of Lemonade Day Elkhart County)

Lemonade Day competition winner Ayva Jelinski. (Photo Supplied)

Lemonade Day competition winner Allison Velie. (Photo Supplied)

Lemonade Day competition winners Parnasi Bandyopadhyay and Sofia Fitzpatrick. (Photo Supplied)

Lemonade Day competition winner Taelor Cox. (Photo Supplied)
Hundreds of children to participate in Elkhart's third annual Lemonade Day
Posted on May 3, 2014 at 12:31 a.m.

ELKHART — Hundreds of children and teens will go out Saturday, May 3, to learn a few things about business and entrepreneurship.

This is the third year Elkhart is having Lemonade Day, which is a one-day learning initiative that teaches children about the fundamentals of setting up and owning their own business, according to event organizer Meggan Fink.

As part of the Lemonade Day project, children are given a backpack with resources and a workbook to help them through the process. Some of the children have been preparing for months, while others have been working for days, Fink said.

Also as part of the project, children can compete in three categories: best lemonade stand, best lemonade and best business winner.

On Thursday, the winners of the best lemonade stand and best lemonade, Ayva Jelinski, Allison Velie, Parnasi Bandyopadhyay and Sofia Fitzpatrick, and Taelor Cox, were announced and recognized at the Concord Mall.

More than 200,000 kids participate in Lemonade Day across the country, according to its website. So far in Elkhart this year, 300 children have signed up to participate.

Children interested in participating in next year's Lemonade Day can sign up at any time through their website or their Facebook page.

The following map, which shows some of the locations of the lemonade stands, was created by organizers of Elkhart Lemonade Day: