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Barbara and Thomas Kulesia have been together for a little over 40 years. We asked them what the funniest thing they've learned about love is. (Photo courtesy of Barbara and Thomas Kulesia)
Long-time couples share the funniest things they've learned about love

Posted on Feb. 14, 2014 at 5:30 a.m.

For Valentine's Day, we asked area couples who have been together for the long haul what the funniest things they've figured out about love are and what they've learned from them.

Here's what they said:


Rich and Laurie Eppers

The Eppers were married Dec. 16, 1978 at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Elkhart. This winter they celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. “The funniest thing we have learned about love since we were married 35 years ago is the ability to continue to laugh at each other and enjoy being best friends," Rich Eppers said. "Our relationship gets better every year and never gets old. We keep smiling!”


Michael and Janice Crofoot

The Crofoots were married Nov. 17, 1973 in Bloomington, Ind. Last year they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. “After being in love for over 40 years, you tend to know what the other one is thinking before it is said,” Janice Crofoot said.


Thomas and Barbara Kulesia

The Kulesias were married Nov. 10, 1973 at St. Mark’s Missionary Church in Mishawaka. Last year they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. “We had our first date it was New Year’s Eve, and we went out dancing," Barbara Kulesias said. "A man came over and asked Thomas if he could dance with his girl, and he responded, 'No, she’s engaged,' because he knew that would keep him away from me. He just told me that at our 40th wedding anniversary.”

Phil and Linda Nusbaum

The Nusbaums were married on Jan. 25, 1964 at Bible Baptist Church in Wakarusa. Last month they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. “You have to laugh about mistakes," Linda said. "For instance the first time I took him to Kroger to go shopping on a Friday night, he got so lost we decided that’s something we would never do again. I learned early in our marriage what not to do. One of those was learning what to do when you take you husband to the store…..make sure he always has his cell phone."