Martin's CEO Rob Bartels shares message with community in shooting's aftermath

    Martin's CEO Rob Bartels shares message with community in shooting's aftermath

    Posted on Jan. 17, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. | Updated on Jan. 17, 2014 at 7:32 a.m.

    ELKHART – Early Friday morning, Jan. 17, a message from Martin's Super Markets' president and CEO Rob Bartels was shared on the company's Facebook page thanking employees, police and customers for their actions and support following Wednesday's fatal shooting.

    Here's what Bartels had to say:

    "On behalf of our community, customers, friends, family, & the Martin's Super Markets team:

    I Thank God For His grace & love demonstrated by an enormous outpouring of support. For the heroic actions of the Elkhart police officers – they answered fatal danger with heroic character and resolve.For our capable and dedicated civil servants, who have worked so graciously and earnestly. For our brothers and sisters in organizations across our community and our country—who have dropped everything to answer need. For our Martin's family—on both sides of the register who have poured warmth and love into deep hurt.

    Our customers, employees, & friends are leaning on each other and finding strength. And I thank God for our store team Wednesday night, who used skill and judgment in the moment of crisis. & for our response team members who have answered with their whole hearts and tireless effort to meet the needs of our team and customers.

    In our 67 year history we have not faced this kind of challenge.

    We will do so earnestly & vigorously. We will face our losses together and we will find answers over time. We will work carefully, prudently, & thoroughly as we go forward.

    We will provide counselling for any employee on our team and will address concerns and needs as they arise. We will take calls at 574-234-5848.

    Our prayers and sympathy are with all who are affected by this tragedy. We have great confidence in law enforcement and will rely on them for details."

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