School districts get a grade from the state

Several districts improved their grade significantly.

Posted on Jan. 15, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. | Updated on Jan. 15, 2014 at 5:20 p.m.

Local schools got a grade from the state a few weeks ago, but the state department of education didn’t release school corporation grades until Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Four Elkhart County school corporations — Baugo, Middlebury, Elkhart and Goshen — raised their grade this year. Concord dropped to a B grade from an A, and Fairfield and Wa-Nee both maintained their A grades from the previous year.

Goshen Superintendent Diane Woodworth commented on the district’s C grade, saying that there’s room to grow but “we are seeing progress.”

Goshen earned a C grade from the state, up from the D it had received in 2012. Four of its elementary schools — Model, Chandler, Waterford and Chamberlain — received a D or an F in the most recent grading period, meaning that those schools have been identified as “focus” or “priority” schools by the state.

School principals are working on forming a committee to draft improvement plans for those four schools.

Baugo Community Schools was also a big mover on this most recent school corporation report card. Baugo went from a C in 2012 to an A in 2013.

Baugo superintendent James DuBois said that the district’s improvement comes from its Twenty20 “game plan.”

He said that teams of teachers work with team leaders, collaborating daily to set goals, use learning data, and individualize instruction for every student.

DuBois also attributed Baugo’s improvement to “individual teaching excellence.”

Both Elkhart and Middlebury schools rose one letter grade. Here are the grades:

Ÿ Baugo — A

Ÿ Concord — B

Ÿ Elkhart — B

Ÿ Fairfield — A

Ÿ Goshen — C

Ÿ Middlebury — A

Ÿ Wa-Nee — A

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