GIRLS SOCCER NLC acknowledges standout players

Northridge's Redinger NLC Coach of the Year.
Posted on Nov. 5, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

GOSHEN — Champion Northridge can count seven first-team choices — seniors Lauren Blyly, Jaymee Bowers, Kara Kershner, Brianne O’Dell, Julina Skow and Mikaela Zook and sophomore Ellie Lengacher — on the all-Northern Lakes Conference girls soccer first team and the Raiders’ Bill Redinger was named by his peers as NLC Coach of the Year.

Runner-up Goshen’s first-team players are seniors Martha Castillo and Miranda Kay, sophomore Jelitza Palomino and freshman Aylissa Trosper.

Concord’s first-teamers are senior Taylor Lantz and sophomore Casey Buchanan.

NorthWood’s first-teamers are senior Kaitlyn Heckaman, Val Ostrowski and Carlie Salinas.

Elkhart Memorial’s first-teamer is senior Amber Hooven.

Wawasee’s first-teamer is junior Caitlin Clevenger.

All-NLC Girls Soccer

First team: so. Casey Buchanan (Concord), sr. Taylor Lantz (Concord), sr. Amber Hooven (Elkhart Memorial), sr. Miranda Kay (Goshen), sr. Martha Castillo (Goshen), so. Jelitza Palomino (Goshen), fr. Aylissa Trosper (Goshen), sr. Kara Kershner (Northridge), sr. Brianne O’Dell (Northridge), sr. Mikaela Zook (Northridge), so. Ellie Lengacher (Northridge), sr. Lauren Blyly (Northridge), sr. Julina Skow (Northridge), sr. Jaymee Bowers (Northridge), sr. Val Ostrowski (NorthWood), sr. Carlie Salinas (NorthWood), sr. Kaitlyn Heckaman (NorthWood), sr. Courtney Hersick (Plymouth), jr. Allie Wright (Plymouth), sr. Abby Schue (Warsaw), jr. Danielle Hutcherson (Warsaw), jr. Brooklyn Jackson (Warsaw), so. Elizabeth VanWormer (Warsaw), jr. Caitlin Clevenger (Wawasee).

Area honorable mention: Northridge — so. Bailey O’Dell, jr. Brennah Tadeo, fr. Brey Baltazar. Goshen — so. Alyssa Hershberger, fr. Ashton Ellis. Concord — so. Mariah DeFreese. NorthWood — so. Regan Beck. Elkhart Memorial — so. Alexx Freshour. Wawasee — so. Maddie Birch.

NLC Coach of the Year: Bill Redinger (Northridge).

Final NLC standings: Northridge 7-0, Goshen 5-1-1, Warsaw 4-2-1, Concord 3-3-1, NorthWood 3-3-1, Plymouth 2-5, Elkhart Memorial 2-5, Wawasee 0-7.

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