Penn’s Beehler collects most valuable honors at Chesterton Relays

Posted on April 13, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

Blake Beehler of Penn was voted most valuable track athlete at the nine-school Chesterton Relays. He was part of two victorious relay runs and part of second place in another one — as was Tommy Grant — and also contributed to the runner-up high jump relay.

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Chesterton Relays

(No team scores; winners, Penn finishers)

3 x 3200 — West Lafayette (Cooper Williams, Evan Johnson, Dom Patacsil) 30:44.31. Also — 3rd, Penn (Billy Holbert, Jack Mader, Colin Elek) 32:19.78.

Distance medley (1200-400-800-1800) — Chesterton (Tyler Vore, Archie Sullivan, Kevin Kenney, Billy Biehl) 10:55.79. Also — 5th, Penn 11:30.21.

Sprint medley (100-100-200-400) — Penn (Blake Beehler, Conner Sowders, Tommy Grant, Tim Deal) 1:34.84.

400 relay — Munster (Ernest Carter, Kye Tratar, Bryce Barnett, Seth Gutwein) 44.32. Also — 2nd, Penn (Austin Laughman, Blake Beehler, Tommy Grant, Greg Higgins) 46.68.

6400 relay — Lowell (Brian Blaylock, Luke Rudzinski, Nick Poras, Kyle Eller) 19:03.03. Also — 4th, Penn 19:30.71.

3 x 300 H (3 races) — Chesterton (Jacob Andrews, Colin Ringas, Haden Hinkle). Also — 2nd, Penn (Justin Phelps, Max Weaver, Grant Vanparys) 2:15.90.

800 relay — Penn (Christian Hill, Blake Beehler, Conner Sowders, Tommy Grant) 1:31.83.

Shuttle hurdles (36-39-36-39) — Chesterton (Jacob Andrews, Colin Ringas, Ken Cupp, Haden Hinkle) 1:02.10. Also — 2nd — Penn (Bryce Talbott, Max Weaver, Grant Vanparys, Tim Deal) 1:03.29.

3200 relay — Chesterton (Kevin Kenney, Tyler Vore, Marlon Williams, John Ward) 8:28.91. Also — 3rd, Penn (Zach Buzalski, Hudson Huth, Tyler Krathwohl, Jon Koellner) 8:35.46.

1600 relay — Chesterton (Archie Sullivan, Billy Biehl, Nick Barango, Joe Troop) 3:24.18. Also — 4th, Penn 3:32.50.

Long Jump — McCutcheon (Ethan Moffett, Donnie Blount, Jack Beeker) 55-7.

Discus — Rensselaer Central (Travis Flanigan, Noah Ahler, Beau Boswell) 374-1 1/2; Also — 4th, Penn 348-1 1/2.

High Jump — McCutcheon (Spencer Storms, Markeon Devine, John Bonaguro) 16-8. Also — 2nd, Penn (Blake Beehler, Christian Wittendord, Jon Koellner) 16-8.

Shot Put — Penn (Isaiah Book Caleb Williams, Seth Rassi) 128-11 1/2.

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