Girls Cross Country team-by-team preview

Jenae Hershberger, Lauren Hooley, Eva Lapp, Ellie Schertz. Others: Junior -- Aly Kilmer. Freshman -- Katie Hurst. Opener: Thursday at Goshen Invitational. Central Coach: Dana Homo (second season). Assistants: Barry Hines, Lauren Peak. 2009 record: 4-4 (3-3 in dual and sixth in Northern Indiana Conference meet). Returning letterwinners (4): Seniors -- Marina Filer, Anna Jacobson. Juniors -- Abby

Posted on Aug. 16, 2010 at 1:00 a.m.


Bethany Christian

Coach: Krysten Parson (first season).

Returning letterwinners (4): Seniors -- Jenae Hershberger, Lauren Hooley, Eva Lapp, Ellie Schertz.

Others: Junior -- Aly Kilmer. Freshman -- Katie Hurst.

Opener: Thursday at Goshen Invitational.


Coach: Dana Homo (second season).

Assistants: Barry Hines, Lauren Peak.

2009 record: 4-4 (3-3 in dual and sixth in Northern Indiana Conference meet).

Returning letterwinners (4): Seniors -- Marina Filer, Anna Jacobson. Juniors -- Abby Dibley. Sophomore -- Rebecca Hasler.

Others: Seniors -- Julie Bollero, Jessica Juillerat, Tazmyn Mason. Sophomores -- Kara Dibley, Morgan Juillerat, Morgan Miller, Abigail Taylor. Freshmen -- Megan Kahler, Gabrielle Pepple, Veronica Ramirez, Danielle Reveal.

Opener: Tuesday, Aug. 24 vs. Marian, Mishawaka at Wilson Park.

Coach Homo says: "They are working hard. If they progress, we could be a pretty fair team ... We probably have five girls who can compete and everybody else is going to have to learn how to compete."


Coach: Dave Juday (12th season).

Assistant: Andi Hobbs.

2009 record: 6-3 (4-3 in Northern Lakes Conference; regional qualifiers).

Returning letterwinners (5): Seniors -- Casey Cartwright, Sarah Clark, Laura Schroeder. Sophomores -- Laura Housman, Rebecca Lucas.

Others: Seniors -- Miranda Savoie, Becca Fultz, Samantha Boyce, Cara Paden. Junior -- Paige Freeze. Sophomores -- Emily Davis, Brandi Newcomer, Janelle Smart, Kaitlyn Winter. Freshmen -- Mekenah D'Arcy, Michelle Detwiler, Stephany Guzman, Tara Lee, Jessica O'Connell, Monica Rininger, Lindsey Stout.

Opener: Saturday in Elkhart Christian Hokum Karem.

Coach Juday says: "We have great senior leadership in this team, but over half the team are freshmen and sophomores. This could be a very exciting year and a time to build on in future years."

Elkhart Christian

Coach: Amy Petersheim (second season).

Returning letterwinners (2): Juniors -- Kaylie Colon, Lizzie Swart.

Others: Seniors -- Rebekah Stayton. Freshmen -- Makenzie Colon, Baylee Hibshman.

Opener: Today at Oregon-Davis.

Coach Petersheim says: "Our team just has to glorify the Lord as they are running. We are going to thank Him no matter what happens."


Coach: Kirt Hunsberger (sixth season).

Assistant: Rustin Nyce.

2009 record: 13-1 (9-1 in Northeast Corner Conference; regional qualifiers).

Returning letterwinners (8): Seniors -- Katy Hawkins, Emily Meranda. Juniors -- Emily Beasley, Hannah Brown, Shelby Goudey, Becca Kropf, Monica Tarman. Sophomore -- Alaina Dunkin.

Others: Junior -- Gabby Krezel. Sophomore -- Sophie Brown. Freshmen -- Tiffany Emmons, Mallory Inniger, Jenna Kieper, Eva Rohrer, Destiny Setterberg.

Opener: Tuesday at NorthWood with Bremen.

Coach Hunsberger says: "We lost a tremendous amount from last year's team. We not only lost our No.1 and 2 to graduation, we lost our returning No.3 (Lauren Waltman) to a move to Colorado ... We start the season with the outlook of just getting better each practice, the rest will come. We have a solid nucleus in which to work with along with some new faces that should make our top seven pretty competitive ... Doing well in the NECC is first on the list and then moving on in the State series. We have been in the Regional the last three years so that is an important part of our season. The girls have done well in the invites over the past 3 years, so those are smaller goals we like to work towards. One thing we have had in the past is depth, that will hopefully develop as the season progresses."


Coach: Maggie Young (7-4 in one season).

Assistant: Dallan Troyer.

2009 record: 7-4 (4-3 in Northern Lakes Conference; regional qualifiers).

Returning letterwinners (6): Seniors -- Desiree Maran, Meghan Neff. Juniors -- Janessa Katzer, Juni Schirch. Sophomores -- Morgan Short, Jessica Wynn.

Others: Seniors -- Alyssa Jarrett, Morgan Picking, Maranda Reed, Jory Seegers. Junior -- Addie Picking. Sophomores -- Megan Graves, Alex Ponce, Oma Quintana, Amber Valeros. Freshmen -- Viri Hernandez, Andrea Kline, Maria Mares, Stephanie Quiroz.

Opener: Thursday in Goshen Invitational.

Coach Young says: "I'm excited about beginning my second season here at Goshen and am ready to see the results of all the hard work we put in and will be doing all season ... Our team returns out top seven which finished third in conference last season."


Coach: Joe Linville (17th season).

2009 record: 5-2 (third in Northern State Conference).

Returning letterwinners (6): Senior -- Emma Stahl. Juniors -- Ashley Chancellor, Kayla Garrett, Sarah Miller, Alayna Wagnerowski. Sophomore -- Justice Newland.

Others: Senior -- Dani Franko. Freshmen -- Amy Jones, Ciera Little, Amber Miller.

Opener: Thursday at Goshen Invitational.

Coach Linville says: "It is hard to lose an athlete like Sara DeShone (entering freshman year at Ferris State on a basketball scholarship), but most of the team is back, including numbers 2 through 6. Emma (Stahl) and Justice (Newland) should battle for the top spot, but Kayla Garrett has really looked strong in practice."


Coach: Adam Homo.

2009 record: 4-4 (3-4 in Northern Lakes Conference).

Returning letterwinners (5): Senior -- Maria Paez. Juniors -- Lauren Burket, Julie Erwin. Sophomores -- Kylee Crane, Morgan Severeid.

Others: Sophomores -- Sara Albert, Meredith Baker, Beth Corpe, Alli Eli, Cassie Klapp, Kate Luft, Becky Rhoda, Makenzie Todd, Britt Vincent, Heather Weigold.

Opener: Thursday at Goshen Invitational.

Coach Homo says: "This is one of the nicest teams I have ever coached. We have talked about mental toughness and some of the girls are willing to go above and beyond in terms of the mileage they are running ... I expect this attitude to permeate the entire team because the ladies encourage one another and refuse to let outside influences diminish their focus during practice ... We are very young, so it will be interesting to see how this group looks toward the end of the season. We have so much to learn ... I also have a soccer player who is doubling in cross country as well ... We have talent but we are not very experienced. In terms of numbers, this is one the biggest girls teams I have ever coached at EMHS."


Coach: Ryan McClane.

2009 record: 9-1 (6-1 in Northern Lakes Conference; NLC co-champions, sectional champions, 12th at State Finals).

Returning letterwinners (8): Seniors -- Autumn Elliott, Skylair Hilton, Marissa Holaway, Sammi Ryder. Sophomores -- Sydney Bailey, Corinne Cominator, Kayla Rothi, Madie Royce.

Others: Junior -- Emily Seiltz. Sophomores -- Lindsay Hostetler, Kayla Sandt, Jennifer Schrock. Freshmen -- Faith Frost, Olivia Golden, Kelsey Graber, Carly Spirito.

Opener: Tuesday at FW Snider Hokum Karem.

Coach McClane says: "We're pretty exciting. Skylair Hilton (who was hurt during the 2009 track season) has more training than she had last year. It hurt us for awhile not having that frontrunner ... We have a pretty balanced team. We have more depth than we've had in awhile. We have some pretty good newcomers. We picked up some track girls, which is a nice addition to the team."


Coach: Melissa Wyatt (first season).

2009 record: (3-4 in Northern Lakes Conference).

Returning letterwinners (9): Seniors -- Lindsey Roe, Emily Wenger. Juniors -- Cassie Griffin, Karlie Kratzchmar, Cynthia Medina, Layla Rhodes. Sophomores -- Maggie DeVoe, Brittany Grove, Maci Hochstetler.

Others: Senior -- Megan Tuttle. Juniors -- Kayla Bear, Becca Slabaugh.

Opener: Tuesday vs. Bremen, Fairfield at Stauffer Park.

Coach Wyatt says: "I am anxious for competition to begin. The girls have put in a lot of miles and hard work this summer. We are ready to see how it pays off in a meet."


Coach: Keri Eby (fifth season).

Assistants: Tom Miller, Derek Opperman.

2009 record: 20-4 (Northern Indiana Conference, sectional, regional champions).

Returning letterwinners (9): Seniors -- Alissa Penland, Heather Stevens. Juniors -- Holly Bursley, Kristina Galat, Sophie Glassford, Courtney Lapehn. Sophomores -- Ally Marlow, Jenn Priebe, Tori Ziege.

Others: Seniors -- Mercedes Anthony, Casey Grantham, Maddie Helman, Valerie Risselmann, Maggie Shenk, Jessica Vega. Juniors -- Julie Allison, Briana Butts, Katherine Clements, Caitlyn Fleury, Mackenzie Huth, Katie Martin, Emma Williams. Sophomores -- Rachel Borrelli, Anna Day, Holli Dobay, Danielle Fahey, Tiffany Fuller, Amelia Huston, Brenna Laidig, Rebecca Liu, Cassandrah Oliver, Haley Patrick, Madeleine Paulsen, Aileen Sun, Scarlett Wilson, Katie Zackrowski. Freshmen -- Kelcie Bailey, Sarah Cate Baker, Heidi Bursley, Mary Ellis, Shelby Frick, Alexis Goodrich, Taylor Grantham, Rachel Kline, Hayley Long, Emily Neice, Jessica Nelson, Courtney Pepper, Lauren Pottschmidt, Elena Sucharetza, Ji-Yun Suh, Ashlee Taylor, Hannah Theirault, Justice Warren, Anna Witous.

Opener: Saturday at Niles Stampede.


Coach: Grace Stichter (eighth season).

Assistant: Dave Stookey.

2009 record: (0-7 in Northern Lakes Conference).

Returning letterwinners (6): Seniors -- Nicole Rhodes, Stephanie Rhodes. Juniors -- Sarah Jones, Brittany Robinson. Sophomores -- Tessa Riley, Jennifer Slabaugh.

Others: Juniors -- Kaely Bame, Brenna Rhodes. Sophomores -- Emma Donahoe, Alex Fox.

Opener: Saturday at South Bend Stampede.


Coach: Les Hively (fifth season).

Assistant: Jon Cook.

2009 record: 9-5 (7-3 in Northeast Corner Conference).

Returning letterwinners (8): Seniors -- Sandra Bellaire, Tabitha Lehman, Kaitlyn Mast, Erin Rockey. Juniors -- Janelle Bender, Mandy Jones. Sophomores -- Ariel Miller, Jennifer Robledo.

Others: Junior -- Hayley Lee. Sophomore -- Jessica Varney.

Opener: Thursday at Goshen Invitational.

Coach Hively says: "The girls return a good core of runners. We hope to be competitive and build off of 2009, where we advanced to the regional."

Compiled by Steve Krah

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