Christiana Creek Coalition cleans up Elkhart waterway

    Volunteers scoured the banks and water of the creek to remove trash and debris from High Dive Park to Willowdale Park in Elkhart on Saturday, April 26.

    Posted on April 26, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.

    Elkhart residents and members of the Christiana Creek Coalition scoured the banks and water of Christiana Creek during its annual cleanup Saturday, April 26.

    Volunteers arrived at High Dive Park, where they were given trash bags before heading out to the creek to collect trash. By the end of the day they had collected a full dump truck load of garbage, including TV sets, shopping carts, diapers and even a picnic table near Willowdale Park.

    Volunteers also found a makeshift shelter where some homeless people have been staying. There was concern about the trash possibly containing meth lab materials, so the police were called to investigate. No dangerous chemicals were found, but the tarps used for shelter were removed from the trees.

    The event ended with volunteers enjoying a lunch of grilled burgers and hot dogs before planting a tree on the neighboring Thor Industries land near the riverbank.

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