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Kindergartener Christian Lopez, left, laughs as he tells his principal Mattie Willerton that they eat hot dogs on Easter during an interview at St. John's Catholic School Thursday, April 17. Classmates Christopher Janatello, center, and Jack Krider, right, wait to give their responses. (Jennifer Shepahrd/The Elkhart Truth) (Buy this photo)

St. John the Evangelist Catholic SchoolÕs principal Mattie Willerton, left, talks with students and Rev. Fernando Jimenez about the meaning of Easter in the school library Thursday, April 17, 2014. First graders Jessica Gallegos, second from left, and Nora Post, third from left, give their explanations as kindergarteners from left: Jack Krider, Christopher Janatello, and Christian Lopez listen. (The Elkhart Truth) (Buy this photo)
What does Easter mean to students at St. John's School?
Posted on April 18, 2014 at 6:11 a.m.


What does Easter mean to you?

We asked a few young students and the Rev. Fernando Jimenz what Easter means to them at St. John’s Catholic School in Goshen on Thursday, April 17.

“It’s really important that we love Jesus”, said kindergartner Christian Lopez.

“Easter is important to me because Jesus dies on the cross for us, and he loves us very much”, said first-grader Nora Post.

“Easter is important to me because Jesus rises from the dead and in the afternoon we celebrate”, said first-grader Jessica Gallegos.

When asked by Principal Mattie Willerton what special things they do on Easter, “We eat hot dogs,” said kindergartner Christian Lopez. First-grader Jessica Gallegos said she likes to eat her Grandma’s deviled eggs.

“We go on Easter to my Grandma’s, and we wear Easter dresses that our Grandma buys us, and we play outside a lot”, said first-grader Nora Post.

All of the students chimed in when talking about Easter egg hunts and the various goodies that they find in the eggs.

Following the students, the Rev. Fernando Jimenz spoke about the meaning of Easter.

“When I listened to the kids…how simple the answers they provided, but yet very profound because the meaning of Easter is Jesus destroying death forever and restoring man to life," said Jimenz.

"Our Bible is very clear on that. It says that if Jesus had not been raised from the dead our faith will be meaningless. The core of the faith is Jesus’ resurrection and thus arguably the most important thing that ever happened to humanity. So, Easter is at the heart of the faith. Without Easter there is nothing,” said Jimenz.