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Truth Photo By Jennifer Shephard A number of chickens gather around a bucket in a pasture near Karen Wellingtons' home in Goshen Friday, July 2, 2010. Goshen city council revisited an ordinance which would allow residents to keep chickens within city limits on Tuesday, April 1. (JENNIFER SHEPHARD)
This week in comments
Posted on April 5, 2014 at 9:20 p.m.

Here are the five stories that were widely read and commented on this week. All quotes appear in their original form and have not been edited.

1. Goshen City Council revives conversation about urban chickens

Goshen city council revisited an ordinance which would allow residents to keep chickens within city limits on Tuesday, April 1. They added several amendments which, if passed, would allow the city to issue up to 50 permits for urban chickens over a two-year trial period.

However, residents seeking this permit will need to collect signatures from surrounding property owners and pay a $25 registration fee every two years.

"The whole county should be doing it" - Lauren Whalen (Comment taken from Facebook)

"I've said it before and I'll say it again: The whole "urban chicken" concept is fine, but there should also be a provision allowing neighbors to shoot any chickens making noise before 7am and after 9pm. (this should also apply to any yappy breed of dog that can fit inside a handbag.)" - Tim Matteson (Comment taken from Facebook)

"Is it for the eggs or is for the chicken meat? Are they are going to butcher the birds in their back yards? Will the chicken be for eating or selling? Where are they going to throw the waste?" - Mary Ann Garamella Lorentz (Comment taken from Facebook) 

2. Contaminated steroid injections lead to lawsuit against OSMC in Elkhart

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center of Northern Indiana faces a lawsuit alleging that the Elkhart medical practice gave out contaminated epidural steroid injections that resulted in fungal meningitis and other infections.

The medicine was made at a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy in 2012, and it has affected people in more than 20 states and caused more than 64 deaths. The Centers for Disease Control have identified 751 cases of individuals who were diagnosed with meningitis, fungal injections and other related conditions as a result of the outbreak, according to the lawsuit that was filed in the Elkhart Superior Court 1 on Wednesday, April 2. There were 93 cases in Indiana.

"I can't know what these folks went through, and I surely wish it hadn't happened. The supplier has filed bankruptcy so an attorney has rounded up folks for a class action suit against the health care provider, the only deep pocket remaining. This situation defines what is broken about health care in this country. Too many attorneys waiting in the wings to spring into action and fill their pockets. The plaintiffs might gain a few bucks, but will end up contributing to the ethical decay of our society." - mustang (Comment taken from our website)

"OSMC did not make the drug and they didn't do anything wrong? What am I missing here...They should be going after the manufacturer and what ever agency approved them. They are out of businesses they are just trying to get what ever money they can...Are they going to sue the doctor or nurse next? What about the syringe company? Did UPS deliver the drugs? I think this is one of the many reasons why the health system is broken and we are paying for attorneys to defend vs. the medicine." - jafo252 (Comment taken from our website)

3. Goshen College No. 9 on 'biggest waste of tuition money' list

News website Policy Mic listed Goshen College as one of the biggest wastes of tuition money in an article published Monday, March 31. However, the college said that the ranking is based on the self-reported salaries of only 33 people who claimed to be Goshen College graduates.

"I look around our community and see many GC grads that are teachers, doctors, nurses, business owners, ministers... I would hope that we would not take the opinion of 33 people as the whole picture." - Jill Erb (Comment taken from Facebook)

"There's more to a degree than how much money you make.. I'm proud of my GC education! More satisfied with this than the bigger university I went to before here!" - Mary Corbin (Comment taken from Facebook)

"The stats and source used for this story are skewed. If you read the article you will see that. I am attending GC because they have a highly respected and very rigorous BSN, RN program. I will be more marketable in the workforce with this degree. Excellent and caring faculty and staff and great students...not privileged students by the way...mostly scraping by on scholarships and student loans to attend this facility." - Stacie Meyers (Comment taken from Facebook)

"I have three degrees from three different colleges, and I feel - hands down- Goshen College gave me the best education of all. PLUS, I feel I grew in every aspect of my cognitive, spiritual, and moral being. Thank you, GC!!" - Leslie Snyder (Comment taken from Facebook)

4. Indiana is home to the most meth labs found in 2013

A report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol showed that Indiana had the highest number of meth-related incidents in the United States last year. There were 1,797 incidents in 2013, which includes reports of meth labs, dump sites, glassware and chemical seizures.

Meth is not out of control in Elkhart County, according to patrolman Matthew Walsh of the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department. However, he said it is a noticeable problem.

"People are saying they need to move out of Indiana because of how many meth labs were found {according to this pic}, so where would they like to live? In one of the states with a lower number that clearly aren't finding the labs in their state? Apparently drug makers in other states are a little sneakier at hiding their labs than those in Indiana. No matter where you move to meth will be around you just maybe not found by law enforcement." - Tracy Phipps (Comment taken from Facebook)

“Meth and weed are on completely different levels, anyone who thinks meth heads are gonna kick it if weed gets legalized is pretty dumb.” - Kendra Hostetler (Comment taken from Facebook)

"Am I the only one thinking that Breaking Bad should have taken place in Elkhart instead of Albuquerque, New Mexico? I suppose that is just quality of product over quantity." - Joshua Dean Trigg (Comment taken from Facebook)

5. Downtown Elkhart sees several changes

The Black Crow on Main is planning on opening a new farmer's market in May.  The Black Crow filled the space at 224 S. Main Street in December, replacing Tom Langley's farmer's market. We asked our readers on Facebook what they would like to see at the new farmer's market.

"Fresh food and miscellaneous items just like they offer at the South Bend farmers market. There is no reason we cannot have a market just as successful as South Bend has. It is shameful Country Market was so mismanaged because it is a beautiful building and had so much potential!" - Janet Kruse Hershberger (Comment taken from Facebook)

"We want to see MUCH lower prices than we're at the last Elkhart "farmers market," which is why that monstrosity failed. That and the fact that it had zero atmosphere. It was really just an Amish style shopping mall. A real farmers market should do well in Elkhart!" - Rob Snider (Comment taken from Facebook)

"Fresh produce,dairy products and meats and little novelty items. I REALLY hope it isn't a Farmers Market that is so scarce with just a few items and really nothing to choose from." - Tarina Ryan Wills (Comment taken from Facebook)