Only Christian morals can lead us away from evil

Is Putin following in Hitler’s footsteps?

Posted on Aug. 27, 2014 at 5:11 p.m.

On Aug. 17, the TV news headline was, “Russian convoy enters East Ukraine.” Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s actions appear to be based on Hitler’s 1939 proclamation, “I will lead you to victory and if not to victory then to my own death, for I shall not live in defeat.” In 1939, Hitler invaded Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France — little countries with no defense. Is Putin following in Hitler’s footsteps?

In 1945, Russia and the US were not only allies who shared segregated POW camps in Germany with American prisoners of war, but suffered with them as they marched across Germany. And later, the Big Three — Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill Josef Stalin — signed the Declaration on Liberated Europe at the Yalta Conference. We rejoiced when we learned that World War II was the war that would end all wars!

As I write, I listen to reports that ISIS beheaded an American journalist and Ferguson, Mo., is filled with rioters saying they want justice for Michael Brown, who was shot down by a police officer.

While I have never heard of many of the countries warring today, the atrocities are the same. Millions of people suffer and die under conditions not unlike prisoners of war endured during Hitler’s regime.

Shootings on our streets happen so often that few are shocked when another life is taken, leaving grieving loved ones to wonder why. I could tell them that years ago we lost the brotherly love our forefathers felt for their friends and neighbors, and that scripture tells us we should love one another. But how can our youth learn to love one another if parents, friends and the heroes they admire do not have the Christian morals or values to lead them away from the evil that abounds in the world today?




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