Mark Huser organized volunteers to clear downed trees from Goshen cemetery

Group gave of their time and energy to clean up downed trees and branches from the city’s Oakridge Cemetery.

Posted on Aug. 23, 2014 at 12:57 p.m.

The city of Goshen and its citizens owe a huge thank-you to Mark Huser and his crew of volunteers.

After the round of storms that went through our community over a month ago, we were left with downed trees and limbs everywhere. One of these locations was the Oakridge Cemetery, where many of the sites were inaccessible. Our city workers were already doing an amazing job cleaning up other areas around the city and would have gotten to the cemetery cleanup as soon as they could, but Mr. Huser felt he should do something to help out.

He organized a crew of volunteers including Vince Eck, Larry Eysol, Jim Ingold, Matt Katzer, Donny Nipper, Abram Peachy and family, Kirk Petoskey, Dixie Robinson, and Jerry and Ruth Ann Wittrig. The street and park departments as well as individuals from work release came alongside to help.

This fine group of individuals took personal time to clear downed trees and brush from the Oakridge Cemetery, not only saving the city of Goshen nearly $40,000 but also making the cemetery accessible to all. Thank you, Mr. Huser and your crew of volunteers for working for the good of Goshen.


Goshen City Councilman, At-Large


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