People of Walmart help woman find car

The letter writer says she found a different kind of “People of Walmart.“

Posted on Aug. 4, 2014 at 3:15 p.m.

Internet users will occasionally see photos titled “People of Walmart” or “Walmart People.” These are actual people who shop at their local Walmart. These people are usually "over the top" in physical size and shape. Adding to this, is their dress/undress with body parts exposed. Recently I met some Walmart people of a different kind.

I usually park in a handicapped spot since my husband uses a walker, but none was available. Coming out a different exit than I had entered, I was lost. I should say that I could not find our car. Wandering around I said to a woman as I passed her, "I've lost my car.“ She immediately joined in the search; so too did her husband. A second couple joined in the search. Using the car keys and listening we finally found my car.

Since I never got those Walmart peoples’ names, I'm hoping they read The Elkhart Truth and see my big thank you again. Elkhart's "Walmart People" are the BEST.




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