Help immigrants reject liberal ideas

Americans ought to eschew the notion that the state must take care of us.

Posted on July 1, 2014 at 5:11 p.m.

The recent influx of people from other lands has many citizens and politicians up in arms. Some consider it to be a planned invasion of dependents intent on becoming a huge Democratic voting bloc. Others see it as an opportunity to employ cheap labor for a hefty profit. Still others see it as a direct threat to the American way of life.

The first thing we should consider is that they are people. They are not things. For that reason, whether they are admitted as voting citizens or not, they should receive the basic needs of food and shelter, along with opportunity to contribute to their communities no matter how meager those communities may appear.

The next thing we should consider is that they are in need of spiritual and physical care to the end that they may, as families, have the opportunity to make the best of things despite less-than-favorable conditions. We should make every aim to keep them as families and not tear families apart.

Families are foundational to self-governance, a concept alien to liberals and the current brood of self-entitled bloodsuckers in Washington.

Some Americans have a tendency to sit and complain when resources are spent on those in need. In this case, however, Americans should get off their duffs and meet these people with ideas that allow them to escape the liberal tendency to make us wards of the state. It would be a shame for them to suffer further under liberal policies.

Americans ought to eschew the notion that the state must take care of us. They should step in and teach what it means to be virtuous, independent, cordial, and oriented toward service as we together clean up the messes caused by corrupt people and politicians who have little regard for truth and virtue.



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