Saturday, February 13, 2016

Minority has no right to force change on the majority

Posted on June 5, 2014 at 5:50 p.m.

So many people today seem to be “fighting” for their rights by forcing them onto others. God gave us all freedom of choice from day one, so why is it so difficult to allow each other their own freedom of choice in rights?

As a Christian (my freedom of choice), I am offended daily by things I hear and see going on around me. But I don't think it is fair to attack others' freedom of choice. I have the choice to ignore or move away from the offensive behavior without hateful reactions, judgment or condemnation of those involved. I'm allowed my choices and others are allowed theirs. There is no reason to be hurtful just because we disagree.

I have many friends and loved ones who have chosen to live and believe differently than I, but that doesn't make one way right and the other way wrong. We each have the right to our own views, thoughts and comments without becoming hostile toward one another. Let's keep our private lives private and our social lives helpful and respectful. This holds true for businesses, clubs, organizations, schools and churches. Each has their right to organize and set rules and standards for their own operation. If you're not in agreement with those rules, you have the choice and right to go elsewhere, but you do not have the right to sue or force change within those organizations because their standards are disagreeable to you.

Just as the “majority” does not have the right to squelch the “minority,” the “minority” does not have the right to force change on the “majority.” It's called “live and let live.” If you wish to enjoy your rights without interference, then allow others theirs, accepting the differences with tolerance, respect, and yes, even love.