Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Story about Goshen College, LGBTQ hiring policy wasn't front-page news

Posted on June 4, 2014 at 4:43 p.m.

As a Goshen College alumnus (class of 1954), I was appalled at the front-page article of May 22 (“Goshen College staffer frustrated with policy”). This is a news item worthy of front-page coverage? I think not! I hope and pray Goshen College does not succumb to pressure to change its LGBTQ hiring policy. The policy in question is consistent with the philosophy and purpose of a faith-based college.

Rather than focus on the discontent of one disgruntled employee, why not focus on the many positive aspects of GC? Focus on the positive impact GC has had in the community and around the world. Focus on the impact the college has had on lives of thousands of students since its founding in 1894. In keeping with its motto “Culture for Service,” the college has seen hundreds of its graduates go forth in Christian service all over the globe, making a difference in countless numbers of lives. Focus on these success stories.

Concerning Tabi Berkey, she did the right thing in resigning from her position at the college: however, she should have done so quietly and peacefully. Because we live in a diverse society, we all encounter frustrating situations throughout our lives. We cannot, nor should we expect everyone, including employers, to accommodate our particular lifestyles and behaviors. Employers have their rights, too. We must learn to cope, adapt, and move on. That’s life!