Monday, February 8, 2016

Goshen College LGBTQ policy is a reflection of God's will

Posted on June 5, 2014 at 5:39 p.m.

This is a response to an editorial in The Elkhart Truth on May 25 (“Time for Goshen College to revisit its LGBTQ hiring practices”).

This editorial urges Goshen College to revise its faculty qualifications. Were the college a public institution, dependent on public monies, the editorial would be proper. The Mennonite Confession of Faith is one group’s attempt to flesh out, in words, its understanding of a biblical sexual relationship. The weakness of The Elkhart Truth’s position is that it doesn't comprehend that the sexual relations it advocates might be outside the will of God and biblically are sinful relationships. Evidently the writer has little understanding of Romans 1.

It appears The Elkhart Truth’s position is based on the shifting mores of a decadent society. God’s people have a higher calling than to march to the drumbeat of a seductive culture. The conflict between this seductive culture and the faithful church is a continuing phenomenon.

The editorial worries that students cannot fully test their own beliefs about sexuality “as long as they encounter heterosexual faculty,” and they “are in for a shock when they leave the sexually uniform world of Goshen College.” In the interests of having a sexually diverse faculty, should persons be hired who find children sexually attractive? Maybe add a bigamist? Or perhaps a necrophile?

Those Mennonites whom advocate gay unions, begin to bless gay marriages and adopt the full LGBTQ agenda, will lose credibility in the eyes of many. The college enrollment will continue to decline, even more congregations will disaffiliate from the Indiana-Michigan Mennonite conference and many individuals will likely drift away and affiliate with mostly evangelical churches. This has been happening in the past few decades, and it may accelerate. Many will not and cannot bless what God has forbidden, whether it be a golden calf or a same-sex marriage.