Sunday, February 14, 2016

Goshen mayor urges voters to make thoughtful choices

Posted on May 3, 2014 at 4:16 p.m.

I’m pleased to have counted both Democrats and Republicans among friends and supporters during my time as mayor. This letter is a message to friends on both sides regarding the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, May 6.

To my Democrat friends, unfortunately there aren’t many Democrats on the ballot to nominate for the general election in November. But there is still a very important race that should compel Democrats to go to the polls. It is a four-way race for U.S. Congress. I hope you will go vote, and join me in supporting Joe Bock.

To my Republican friends, you have more choices to make for township, county and state legislative races. For those of you who consider yourselves “traditional” or “mainline” Republicans, I urge you to determine which candidates pander to tea party support. The tea party has done much damage at the federal level, and is pressing its influence on state and local races. The divide between Democrats and Republicans is becoming wider, and making compromise more difficult to achieve.

Increasingly, religious and social issues are diverting attention from governmental decision-making that best serves all of us. In addition, tea party candidates support efforts to increasingly squeeze funding from local government, schools and libraries, rendering it impossible to continue quality services and quality places residents need and desire. Some tea party candidates advocate concentration of power in state government, when decisions should be made closer to the voter. This flies in the face of traditional conservatism that favors smaller, not larger government.

Once you have determined what is motivating the various candidates, and who is supporting them, vote for ones who will help government work effectively and efficiently. Please do not support those who will further hinder good decisions.


Mayor of Goshen