Elkhart schools won't look at alternatives to tax hikes

Vote no twice on May 6th and demand more alternatives from the ECS administration!

Posted on April 27, 2014 at 12:30 p.m.

Yes4Elkhart and Elkhart Community Schools administration have taken an amazing opportunity of figuring out a viable, long-term solution to the funding issues of Elkhart’s public schools and turned it into a “you either love kids, or you hate kids” false dichotomy. I, along with others in the community have offered possible solutions, and with two kids in Elkhart Community Schools, and as a member of the Eastwood PTA, was hoping that at the very least, dialogue would have been opened on alternatives to a property tax increase.

By voting yes twice May 6th, you are saddling every property owner with this 20-year tax increase, and you are crossing your fingers and hoping that they don’t come back for a second, third and fourth dip into the same bucket and raise property taxes even more as pools need repair and as vouchers increase and kids leave public education. I don’t think that we should put our elderly property owners, many of whom are on fixed incomes, or others in our community at risk of losing their homes because they are unable to pay the eventual exorbitant increases on their property taxes.

Yes4Elkhart has put up billboards saying that the two votes are for transportation and safety, when in fact, they are for how to fund capital improvements and continue funding current school programs. ECS administration has all but refused to look into fiscally smarter ways of doing this like outsourcing transportation, having a true third party (not the state of Indiana) audit the books to identify waste in the budget, temporarily or permanently cutting extra programs not needed for basic operating and education, and increasing fees of those utilizing the schools to help in offsetting the budget shortfalls.

Vote no twice on May 6th and demand more alternatives from the ECS administration!




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