Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Golf needs more people like John Fischer in our area

Posted on March 6, 2014 at 10:31 p.m.

The winter of 2013 continues to impose its will well into March. Golfers all across our region are itching to get out and get started on their games.

March 4, my family and I attended a junior golf seminar at Christiana Creek Golf Club hosted by PGA professional John Fischer. The lineup of speakers included golf coaches from various high schools in our region, along with Evan Sharpley, a former baseball and football standout at Notre Dame.

It was a great evening of insight from various experts in their fields on the game of golf and the game of life. Sharpley spoke about weight training and nutrition and how it ties into all sports and life.

The most important thing my son and I took away from this seminar was the passion and desire of John Fischer when it comes to the game of golf and today’s youth. You can’t help but notice how much he truly cares about junior golf in our area. It is refreshing to see his continuous and tireless drive to grow the game here in Elkhart County. His commitment is unquestionable when it comes to junior golf and the Elkhart County Junior Golf Tour. Fisher is a man that holds people accountable — parents and kids alike — for their successes or failures on the golf course. Regardless of how far a young golfer takes his or her game, time spent with John Fischer will make them better persons.

Fischer is to be commended for his efforts in the game of golf. We would like to thank him for a great night of golf-speak and education. The game of golf needs more people like John Fischer in our area. He is a true leader in Elkhart County and we are very lucky to have him. Thanks, John!